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Photos All the news you need to know from the WWDC keynote

You dont need to say Hey, Siri to your Watch anymore: It now detects wrist movement and starts listening automatically.

Image: TechRepublic/Brandon Vigliarolo

Stocks is getting extended capabilities, with relevant financial news being added to the app.

Image: TechRepublic/Brandon Vigliarolo

Several other features were shown on the screen all at once, as seen here, but they werent discussed specifically.

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Second, Safari is getting browser fingerprinting protection to help further eliminate cross-site tracking.

The Siri watch face will now show sports, heart rate, maps, and Siri Shortcuts, and will support third-party apps.

Automatic workout detection will use your heart rate and movement to determine if youve begun a workout and forgotten to start it on your watch. It will also be able to tell when youve stopped and prompt you to end it.

Image: TechRepublic/Brandon Vigliarolo

Image: TechRepublic/Brandon Vigliarolo

A lot of big changes are coming to Apples AR platform, including the introduction of a new universal AR file format called USDZ.

Image: TechRepublic/Brandon Vigliarolo

Image: TechRepublic/Brandon Vigliarolo

Image: TechRepublic/Brandon Vigliarolo

Speaking of better performance, iOS 12 will bring these improvements to the iPhone 6S – imagine what it will be able to do on newer devices.

Student IDs can be synced to the wallet, but only at a few pilot universities this fall.

Image: TechRepublic/Brandon Vigliarolo

The News app is getting new features, like a Browse tab to make finding new stories easier.

12 iOS 12 features Apple didnt mention at WWDC(CNET)

The Photos app is getting a number of new features, including improved search that will recognize people, places, objects, photo effects suggestions, sharing suggestions based on who is in a photo, and other features.

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Apple said that iOS 12 is all about performance upgrades, but that doesnt mean theres no new apps or features coming to the Apples mobile OS.

Many of those new features can be found in the For You tab, a new landing screen for the Photos app that creates a personalized, context-sensitive space.

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The big new Siri feature is Shortcuts: micro actions in search, messages, and other apps that allow Siri voice commands to interface with iOS apps on your behalf.

What is coming, however, is the addition of iOS apps to macOS. Starting in Mojave with what Apple calls Phase 1, certain Apple-produced iOS apps will be available on macOS, specifically Stocks, News, Voice Memos, and Home as mentioned above.

Image: TechRepublic/Brandon Vigliarolo

Older iPhones, iPads will perform better on iOS 12, says Apple(ZDNet)

Developers who are part of the Apple Developer Program can download the betas foriOS, watchOS, tvOS, andmacOStoday.

Image: TechRepublic/Brandon Vigliarolo

Image: TechRepublic/Brandon Vigliarolo

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Photos taken on an iOS device associated with the same Apple ID will automatically load into documents on a Mac in order to use in presentations and other applications. The same will work with document scanning–snap a photo of a document on iOS and it will appear in the macOS document editor of your choice.

Another big feature thats part of USDZ files is shared AR experiences. Users who have been invited to a game, AR model space, or other AR environment can see what other devices see, and up to four users can interact with the AR content at a time.

A lot is changing for other parts of the Apple Watch as well, and all will make it more convenient to use:

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A new dynamic desktop is coming as well, which will change looks throughout the day. It will also have desktop stacks, which will allow items on the desktop to be stacked into categorized piles to save screen real estate. Stacks can be sorted by file type, date, tag, and other characteristics.

Mojaveis the next release of macOS, and its bringing some huge changes with it. Most notable during the keynote was the dark mode that will change the look of the entire OS. Apple said it makes content, not the windows, grab attention, and also said it had developers in mind when it designed it.

You can now set DND to activate at a certain time of night and deactivate in the morning, and you can control the start/end times right from the Control Center DND icon.

iBooks is getting a total makeover, and a name change to boot: Its called Apple Books now.

Image: TechRepublic/Brandon Vigliarolo

Image: TechRepublic/Brandon Vigliarolo

Safari is getting two new improvements to improve user privacy and security.

Image: TechRepublic/Brandon Vigliarolo

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Image: TechRepublic/Brandon Vigliarolo

Owners of old iOS devices will also be happy to know that the same devicescompatible with iOS 11are compatible with iOS 12–no need to get rid of that old phone yet.

Popup notifications when apps try to access certain parts of the macOS system are being expanded to include the camera, microphone, calendar, and these other elements as well.

Image: TechRepublic/Brandon Vigliarolo

Image: TechRepublic/Brandon Vigliarolo

Custom Siri Shortcuts can be created from the new Shortcuts app. They can be built in a GUI using simple if, then statements, such as if its five oclock and Im leaving the office begin streaming NPR when I say Im leaving to Siri.

USDZ files can be used in apps, in web browsers, and across other software as well.

A ratings and reviews API is being added, which will save on coding time spent duplicating the wheel for this standard feature of most macOS apps.

You can now challenge other Apple Watch users to weekly fitness challenges.

Both improvements are coming to Safari on macOS and iOS.

Changes to how you work out with your Apple Watch are numerous in Watch OS 5.

Brandon writes about apps and software for TechRepublic. Hes an award-winning feature writer who previously worked as an IT professional and served as an MP in the US Army.

Notifications are interactive, meaning you can do things like leave a Yelp review, pay for an Uber, and do other things without having to open the accompanying Watch app.

Four iOS apps are making their debut on macOS: News, Stocks, Voice Memos, and the Home app will all be usable on macOS in Mojave.

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iOS 12, watchOS 5, and macOS Mojave were all revealed and are all now available for developer preview as well.

Image: TechRepublic/Brandon Vigliarolo

Apple adds Group FaceTime and may be an enterprise collaboration player(ZDNet)

Also mentioned, Apple CarPlay will now support some third-party navigation apps like Waze.

Image: TechRepublic/Brandon Vigliarolo

Image: TechRepublic/Brandon Vigliarolo

Runners will now be able to see mile-by-mile rolling pace time, cadence, and overall pace on the run screen.

Image: TechRepublic/Brandon Vigliarolo

Markup support is also coming to Finder, adding the ability to make simple changes to files of all types in the preview window.

Two big categories of changes are coming to watchOS 5: fitness features and connectivity capabilities.

Apples WWDC 2018 has kicked off, and with it have come a whole slew of announcements about iOS, watchOS, tvOS, and macOS.

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The macOS App Store is getting a whole new look that brings it in line with the current look of the iOS App Store.

Taking screenshots is getting easier in macOS: A small notification-like thumbnail will appear on the screen when a screenshot is taken, and opening it will automatically bring up Markup to make simple changes to the image before saving it.

How Apple macOS Mojave could improve productivity and organization for business users(TechRepublic)

Image: TechRepublic/Brandon Vigliarolo

Accessing options in Do Not Disturb (DND) mode on the iPhone is getting easier, and new features are being added as well.

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iOS 12 is playing catchup to Android S in several ways, device use metrics included. A new app called Screentime in iOS will log what you do on your device throughout the day and give you options to limit app time and control device use in other ways.

USDZ files will be shareable on both macOS and iOS, and Apple has even brought Adobe on board with the new file format so that Creative Cloud will have native USDZ support.

Because many iOS features are coming to macOS, Apple watchers have asked if the two are merging, to which Apple gave a resounding no.

Theres now a Discover tab with reviews and articles, and apps are sorted into Create, Work, Play, and Develop tabs, and you can still sort by category if you want.

Youll now have a bit more control over your notifications, with the ability to control frequency, auto-snooze, and enable other options to reduce the noise.

The best Mac apps to manage all your )

Image: TechRepublic/Brandon Vigliarolo

Some of Apples core iOS apps are getting updates, with four specifically mentioned:

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Webkit content will be viewable on the Apple Watch, so websites or documents you are sent in an email will be viewable on the Watch screen.

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First off, like/share buttons and comment section fields are now being blocked from harvesting and sharing private data, something that Apple said is currently possible.

Siri is getting a number of new features as well, many of which will be familiar to Google Assistant Android users.

A new Walkie-Talkie app is being added that will feel familiar to Nextel users: It allows instant push-to-talk communication between Apple Watch users who have invited each other to use the feature.

Job description: iOS developer(Tech Pro Research)

Screentime will also sync across devices, ensuring you dont run to your iPad to check Instagram once your self-imposed limit is up.

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Podcasts are available for streaming and downloadable playback.

Image: TechRepublic/Brandon Vigliarolo

One of the biggest new performance features coming in iOS 12 is the ability for iOS to adjust processor clock speed on the fly based on need, and much faster than before. Instead of gradually ramping up processing power, iOS 12 will simply jump the clock speed as needed and then quickly drop it back down to save battery.

Notifications will also group, meaning all your calls, text messages, and other topics or individual apps will form a single expandable notification instead of cluttering up your lock screen.

Image: TechRepublic/Brandon Vigliarolo

Heres a look at all the details announced in the WWDC 2018 keynote.

Developers will be able to port their iOS apps to macOS starting this fall–Apple didnt give a more specific date than that.

Image: TechRepublic/Brandon Vigliarolo

Workouts has added two new modes: yoga and hiking.

Voice Memo now has iCloud support and cross-device syncing, so your memos will be available everywhere, and backed up too.

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