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Pi Wars the Raspberry Pi robotics challenge competition

from around the world and is run by the same team that organises theCambridge Raspberry Jam. To get a flavour of the day, take a look at the video below which features one teams experience of the 2017 event orcheck out other Pi Wars videos on YouTube.

Im really excited to do this (and so is he!). Its so easy to let him watch TV or play on his tablet before bedtime (and that will still happen) but dammit, we need to start training him to become the youngest winner of PiWars soon! @PiWarsRobotics17 Jun

Our thanks to Richard Hayler and the Cranmere CodeClub for sharing their experience of the event!

Crea y compite con tu robot ms moln en las PiWars que la universidad de Cambridge prepara en 2019

Thinking of entering PiWars 2019? The latest @Humble Book Bundle includes a book specifically on making a @Raspberry_Pi powered robot and a slew of other useful books on electronics and coding18 Jun

Pi Wars the Raspberry Pi robotics challenge competition

We are now seeking sponsors for Pi Wars 2019. Pleasecontact usif you are at all interested in sponsoring or finding out more.Detailed information about sponsorship can be found on this page.

challenges to earn points. The competition takes place over a single weekend and prizes and medals are awarded at the end of each day. In previous years, weve had teams from schools, families, groups of hobbyists and solo roboteers. We can take up to 76 teams over the event weekend, which takes place in

@Geeky_Tim @recantha Speed bump in the speed run! PiWars20 Jun

If your interested in building an ubermassive Robotics to take on the challengers the have a look at:

makeyouridea raspberrypi microbit microbitsinlibraries @PiWarsRobotics18 Jun

The 2019 event will take place on 30th & 31st March at the Cambridge Computer Laboratory (William Gates Building). You canfind more information hereand apply by clicking the button below.

Apply for Pi Wars 2019Time remaining to apply

Now that @PiWarsRobotics has been announced, time to revisit how not to apply for it! Show your love of Robots in the application people piwars16 Jun

is an international, challenge-based robotics competition in which teams buildRaspberry Pi-controlled robots and then compete in various

Two more robot platforms completed by Years 3 and 4 children tonight DroidWarz project. The one on the left is my example build. robotics CamJam codeclub RaspberryPi PiWars

OK, so thats my application for PiWars 2019 sent! ?

PiWars @davejavupride @PiWarsRobotics Im an Arduino bot so I cant compete but my big brother Plan9v2 can. Get that entry in!!

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