The best VPN 2023

The Best VPS 2023

The Best C# Book

Programming Languages – Quora

Computer Science major at Cornell University – I do a lot of personal projects

Dude to company:If you fire me, your system wi…

, Been programming since 8 bit computers

Non-programmers think the hard bit is the code, but its not, the hard bit is knowing how to solve problems.

Beginning Computer Programming Advice

Not me, but my advisor back in India would narrate this to us as reasons to why its necessary to review/test code: (Edit:This is about ~30yrs ago)

This topic is for questions about programming languages in general. It includes comparisons of languages, language choice, language design, theory, and history. It does not include questions about specific programming lang…

Computer Science major at Cornell University – I do a lot of personal projects

In order to try and avoid all possible reactions along the lines of oh but thats cheating, Id like to offer a solution with the following properties:

IOI participant 13, 14, 15, ACM-ICPC World Finalist 2016

2012-10-30 20:16:00 [SEVERE] Encountered an unexpect…

MSSE Software Engineering & Programming Languages, Vellore Institute of Technology Chennai Campus (

Software Engineer Technology Consultant

Why havent we made a very high-level programming language which accepts code that anyone without programming knowledge can understand?

Co-Founder of 47 Center, former Technology Lead at Spotify

The most sophisticated software in history was written by a team of people whose names we do not know.

Its a computer worm. The worm was written, probably, between 2005 and 2010.

, CEO, Gigantic Software; Director, Sega; Sr Manager, Electronic Arts; Harvard 91

What is the most sophisticated piece of software/code ever written?

Was the Program Manager for Entity Framework tools in Visual Studio

I open Quora, it freezes for a second and shuts down. A pop-up asks if I want to report it. I try to guess how the report message will look like:

Youve reached the end of the topic feed.

How do I print my name 1000 times in Java without looping?

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