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Properties of 17

Oliviers Dejours created a version of BachsArt de la Fuguefor the Concert Impromptu implicating 17 wind instruments.

On @robase selected 17 good plans to have a free e-mail address.

Television seriesThe Prisonercreated by Patrick McGoohan consists of 17 one-hour episodes.

In the 11th issue ofJouer Jeux Mathmatiques, there is, concerning the first question of the competition: a poplar grove has 289poplars (1717)… (see the rubricopen problems, page17,…). The most chosen numbers (between 1 and 100) at the second tiebreaker are 17 and 23 (4times). Among the 12winners, the most chosen number is 17 (twice).

On the AtariST, just after the computer has been switched on, 17files at the maximum can be simultaneously displayed in the desk windows, in text display.

There is a famous passage in PlatosTheaetetusin which it is stated that Theodorus (Platos teacher) proved the irrationality of sqrt(3), sqrt(5), …, `taking all the separate cases up to the root of 17 square feet, at which point, for some reason, he stopped. But we dont know the exact meaning of the Greek word (mu)(epsilon)(chi)(rho)(iota), translated as `up to by Heath: either `up to but not including or `up to and including. (An Introduction to the Theory of Numbers, Hardy/Wright, section4.5, pp42-44)

From (Cleve Moler) Newsgroups: sci.math.num-analysis,comp.arch Subject: Status of a Hard/Software Pentium FDIV Workaround Date: 5 Dec 1994 06:19:06 -0500 […] For example, the denominator in Coes now famous ratio 4195835/3145727 is 3145727 = 3*2^20-1 = 23.547*2^17 In this case, n = 23 and f = 1-2^(-17). The 17 consecutive high order ones in f make this example an instance of worst-case error. […]

By default, 17files are displayed in thefilerwindows, infull infodisplay.

Here is a description by Lincoln Kirstein of how the famous double diamond opening formation for George Balanchines balletSerenade(his signature piece, probably the most popular ballet he ever created, and the first he ever choreographed in his chosen home America) came to pass. Balanchine commenced by lining up as many girl students as chanced to be in his class… On that day they were seventeen. These he placed in military order according to height…:

Theaddresses ofInternet au bout des doigtsare grouped under 17categories: rfrences et ressources; culture; littrature; publications; mdias lectroniques; ducation; pour les petits et les plus grands; tourisme; francophonie; science; sports; les arts gourmands; les inclassables; Internet, informatique et multimdia; les Libertels; utilitaires; des petits extra… tlcharger.

The DVD, that will replace the CD-ROM, can store up to 17GB (SVM, January 1997, page86).

OnThe RISC Discvolume1 CD-ROM for the Acorn RiscPC, there are 17 PhotoCD images.

294,219 (=1717,307) advertisements were broadcasted in 1991 by the French channels, which took up 1,702hours (cfTlrama2247, p22).

These pages are no longer updated and I plan to rewrite them. A last news item (, May27,1998): «The police seized, on Monday, May25, the 17 little pigs in porcelain Nancy Bennett, an inhabitant of Leicester, in Great Britain, had put on the window ledge in the street of the big mosque: Muslim believers had complained.»

The ARM6 (the RiscPC, Newton, and 3DO processor) has 17registers (accessible in User mode): 16general registers (including the PC and the SP) and the status register.

I cant believe this. I post ONE reply, and somehow, it gets posted SEVENTEEN TIMES!!! For all of you who had to waste time finding out all seventeen replies were the same one, Im sorry. I have no idea what AOL did to make my ONE reply post SEVENTEEN times!!!

Marconi used 17patents of Teslas (cfSTMagazine75, p54).

Quick! Pick a number between 12 and 5. Got it? Now page down… The number you picked was 7 right? Freaky? Actually, I picked 17. I guess Im not very good at following instructions. Or maybe it was those eggs I had for breakfast.

In the 9th exercise of the 7th International French Championship of the Mathematical and Logical Games (Championnat International de France des Jeux Mathmatiques et Logiques), the answer was 289 (there are 17rows of 17cabbages).

In the Islamic tradition, 17 is the number ofraka(liturgical gestures), part of the five daily prayers. 17 is also the number of words in the call to the prayer. In the Muslim folklore, the symbolical number 17 appears in legends mainly, particularly in the 17pieces of advice muttered at the kings ear during his crowning and in the 17parts of the standard (M.Mokri,Les secrets de Hamza).

The number17 is used 13times in the Bible: Genesis 7:11, 8:4, 37:2, 47:28; 1Kings 14:21, 22:52; 2Kings 13:1, 16:1; 1Chronicles 24:15, 25:24; 2Chronicles 12:13; Jeremiah 32:9; Judith 1:13. The word seventeen is used 17times; the four additional references are: Judges 8:14; 1Chronicles 7:11; Ezra 2:39; Nehemiah 7:42.

In the South hemisphere, there are 17species of penguins (cfGo, July1995). Their divorce rate is17%. After eating, a penguin has an average weight of 17kg (source: a scientific film).

The symbol for what might be called the most celebrated constant in mathematics is the 17th letter of the original Greek alphabet,pi. The original alphabet contained three letters which are now obsolete, one of which wasdigamma, the sixth letter.

(Translation:If you were disturbed 17times a day during your work by people who directly phone you to ask you for products of your firm, whereas it isnt your job, youll end up getting worked up.)

The joypad controller of the Jaguar has 17buttons.

In the filmAn American in Paris, Gene Kelly dances for 17minutes (cfTlrama2405, February14,1996, p24).

Two cyclists are riding on a circular track, at constant speeds. The track is 170 meters long. When theyre riding in opposite directions, they meet every 10 seconds. When theyre riding in the same direction, the one overtakes the other every 170 seconds. What are their respective speeds?

A list of 17cybercafs in France is given inTlrama2394, November29,1995, page96: Agde:InternetTh; Besançon:LeWeb; Bordeaux:Cyberstation; Courbevoie-laD\efense:Extrapole; Grenoble:LeCyberforum; Lyon:ConnectikCaf; Marseille:; Nice:La Douche-Internet Couleur Caf; Paris:UGCWorldNetCaf,CafOrbita,LeWebBar,NetCoffee,VirginMgastore,BistrotInternet,ZOWEZO,HighTechCaf; Strasbourg:BestCoffeeShop.

On the HP48SX (inradianmode), 17 is the least positive integernsuch that INV(INV(sinn))=sinn, INV(INV(cosn))=cosnand INV(INV(tann))=tann.

First session: 4th exercise: there have been 17 phone rings during the day. 5th exercise: the answer is 17. 12th exercise: the answer is (2^3+1)(2^4+1)=917=153.

In August1991, in the French broadcastLa nuit des toiles filantes, someone phoned to say that his grandson had seen 17 shooting stars.

Queen Anne of Great Britain had 17children who died before their second birthday. Her only son to survive infancy died at the age of 11.

The Flood started on the17th. Noahs Ark landed on the Mount Ararat (alt. 17,000feet) on the17th.

In the French softwareCompte-Chqueon the Atari, the date can be modified. The example given in the user manual (page55) is July17,1987 (I discovered this on November17,1993).

one would have to travel more than 17times farther than the moon to reduce Earths gravitational pull to one millionth of that at Earths surface.

From an article fromChris Caldwellposted to thesci.mathnewsgroup: 17primes of the formn!+1 are known. The corresponding values are: 1, 2, 3, 11, 27, 37, 41, 73, 77, 116, 154, 320, 340, 399, 427, 872 and 1477. There is no other forn4580.

Newsgroups: comp.sys.acorn From: Subject: Re: StrongARM and MultiProcessor Implementations Date: Tue, 14 Mar 1995 21:19:36 GMT […] Yeah but brain cells are incredibly slow. Image recognition in the human brain goes through a singular path of only 17 neurons however it has to branch through a few million to actually do any work quickly. […]

Euronewswas created by 17 European state TVs.

On May1,1996, the least number for which theNon-Dominating Queens Problemhas not been completely solved yet isN=17 (on May1,1996, I saw the file the first time).

C.Liem, P.Paulin, rnero and A.Jerrayas articleIndustrial Experience Using Rule-driven Retargetable Code Generation for Multimedia Applications(8th International Symposium on System Synthesis, in Cannes, France, September13-15,1995) deals with a VLIW chip that has a 68 bit wide instruction. Thus this instruction is written with 17 hexadecimal digits.

In 1991, the French radioRadio Classiquecould be heard in 17towns (cfTlrama, November6,1991, p164).

During summer 1996, a lot of computations were performed on about a hundred machines to search for, in particular, all the machine numbersxin double precision between 1/2 and 1 (2^52cases) such that expxhas the following form: the first 54 bits can have any value and the following 49 bits are identical. In total, 17numbers were found.

Second session: the question of the 2nd exercise is: What is the 17th number in this list?

A French advertisement for Toyota says: When it is 50 in the shade, in places where there is no shade, a dromedary can stay up to 17days without drinking, and lose 30% of its weight without having trouble.

In Antarctica, 17countries have installed scientific research stations.

A square meter of silicon (chip) costs 17,000F (cfST-Magazine75, p18).

In the GNU Jargon File: Ive been chasing that bug for 17hours now and I am thoroughly gronked!, If you impose a limit of 17items in a list, everyone will know it is a random number – on the other hand, a limit of 15 or 16 suggests some deep reason (involving 0- or 1-based indexing in binary) and you will get less flamage for it., By extension, the corruption resulting from Ncascaded fandangoes on core is `Nth-level damage. There is at least one case on record in which 17hours of grovelling with `adb actually dug up the underlying bug behind an instance of seventh-level damage! The hacker who accomplished this near-superhuman feat was presented with an award by his fellows..

If you are looking, for instance, for the answer to question 17, and wish to skip everything else, you can search ahead for the regular expression “^17).

The first issues of the French reviewJouer Jeux Mathmatiquescosted 17francs. In the 3rd issue (page16), the solution to the problemRecords battre, which had been set in the 2nd issue (page17), is given; the answer is17. The answer to the problemAventure en Nouvelle-Franceof the 6th issue is17.

This number may have been regarded as ill-fated in Roman Ancient Times because its figures XVII are the same as VIXI, meaning I lived.

In a fileA_LIREof the softwareLe Rdacteur4for the Atari, an example of hour is given (on line438): 17h1718; in fact, since on the Atari computers the number of seconds is always even, it can be 17h1717 as well. In the databaseAZthque, each form contains 17fields of free definition, and each of the fields contains 17subrubrics.

OnFrance-info Toulouse, on Saturday June10,1995: TheHerald Tribunesets up in Toulouse: the famous American newspaper will be published here from June13 […] it will be distributed in 17departments of the large South-West, and also in Spain. […] theHerald Tribunewants to strengthen its position of the first international daily in France.

A mygale eats a spearhead [French word:fer de lance] (the most dangerous snake in South-America) in 17hours (cfTlrama2432, August21,1996, p61).

Here are two problems from a French math book (seconde 1993-94):

One of the earliest mentioning of the number17 was by the Egyptians. The Rhind papyrus from 1700BC contained the following 2/17=1/2+1/51+1/68 (which is FALSE! This is the only error in list of expansions of fractions of the form 2/n into sums of unit or Egyptian fractions.)

Thetown library in Lyonhas 17floors, that contain 1,700,000 documents.

The list of the mailing-lists is posted tonews.listsandnews.answersin 17postings (to limit the size of each article). I discovered this bysearchingseventeenin the list of the FAQs on November9, 1995.

Determine the name of a bird [in French], knowing that this name has 5letters, and that if each letter has a value equal to its rank in the alphabet, the sum of the first 2 letters is equal to17, the sum of the next 2 letters is equal to17, the excess of the sum of the last 2 letters over the sum of the first 3 letters is equal to17, and the product of the 2nd letter by its complement to17 is equal to the $12/5$ of the product of the 3rd letter by its complement to17 [Answer:

FromConstructing Minimal Broadcast Networks, N.Ossipovas analysis (D.E.A. Informatique): In the large class of minimum broadcast networks (MBN), one can find graphs that also realize a lower bound B(n) over the number of edges. Unfortunately, recognizing them is a NP-complete problem; there is no method to construct MBG for anyn. The B(n) values are only known forn=2^kandn=17. Cf A.M.Farley, S.T.Hedetniemi, S.Mitchell, A.Proskurowski (79),Minimum Broadcast Graphs, Discrete Mathematics, 25, pp189-193, and S.L.Mitchell, S.T.Hedetniemi (80),A Census of Minimum Broadcast Graphs, J.Comb., Inf. & Syst. Sci., 9, pp119-129.

For the processor 68030 in aCeramic Surface Mountcase, 17pins are attributed to GND.

17 is described at MIT asthe least random number(cf GNU Jargon File).

The Alhambra, a beautiful Moorish palace which inspired Escher, is composed of 17kinds of mosaics (in fact, all of the possible ones).

This number, as well as 72 (the two being related: 17 being 9+8, 72 being 98) presents a high symbolical importance.

Qui des Romains ne sera trop conforme.(cf

Well-known and interesting problem:xandyare integers between 2 and 100. Stef knows S=x+y, and Pat knows P=xy, but they do not knowxandy. I cant calculate them Pat says, I knew Stef says, So I know these two numbers Pat says, In this case, so do I Stef concludes. Solution: S=17=13+4.

In the 19th issue of the French reviewQuadrature, there is a problem which consists in finding all the solutions of the equationn²+100=q³ wherenandqare integers. I proved that there are only 3solutions, corresponding toq=5,q=10 andq=34; amongst these solutions, the only prime divisor ofqprime to 10=sqrt(100) is 17.

Gauss (born in 1777) constructed the famous 17-gon at the age of18, having probably thought about it from the age of17.

(swallow), the sum of the first 2 letters is equal to17, the sum of the next 4 letters is equal to51 (=317), the sum of the next 2 letters is equal to17, and the sum of the last 2 letters is equal to17.]

From an article posted to several newsgroups:Also the arguments of Glashow and Lederman: True, the standard Model does explain a very great deal. Nevertheless it is not yet a proper theory, principally because it does not satisfy the physicists naive faith in elegance and simplicity. It involves some 17 allegedly fundamental particles and the same number of arbitrary and tunable parameters,…

In theWebs dOrprintemps-t 1996, there were more than 17,000 votes.

In the 36th issue of the French reviewAtari Magazine, at the page17 of the detachable insert, 14 file names end with17!

With theVoiceMailsoftware (answerphone system), one can record over 17hours of messages if there are 100MB of free disk space (cf manual, p2).

On the newsgroup selection level, the prompt looks like this: ******** 17 unread articles in talk.blurflread now? [ynq] At the pager level (within an article), the prompt looks like this: MORE(17%)

At the finals of the 9th International French Championship of the Mathematical and Logical Games (Championnat International de France des Jeux Mathmatiques et Logiques):

In the French television broadcastArthur, mission impossible, there was a rubric named17secondes de plaisir, where a barebreasted girl danced for 17seconds (cfTlrama2239, p76).

On the versionD of the HP48SX, 17bugs have been found (cf WilliamC.Wickes file on).

In M.Kac and S.M.Ulams bookMathematics and Logic(French title:Mathmatiques et Logique), the first chapter is composed of 17sections (it is the only chapter having more than one section).

In the assemblerAssembleon the Falcon, the k-factor used by the internal conversion intopackedis 17 by default (cf French user manual, p26). There are 17kinds of optimization (cf French user manual, p59).

There are 17questions in the ASCII Art FAQ.

Fermat had been working as an agent for 17years. Then he became a councillor at the Parliament of Toulouse, where he had been working for 17years.

The mummy of King Tutankhamen was wrapped in 17sheets.

If piracy ended, 17,000jobs could be created in Europe (cfST-Magazine75, p14).

The best factor table is D.N.Lehmers one:Factor Table for the first ten millions, which gives the smallest factor of all the numbers which are not divisible by 2, 3, 5 or 7, till 10,017,000. (2^148+1)/17 is the largest prime number found without a computer; it has been found by Ferrier in 1951. (An Introduction to the Theory of Numbers, Hardy/Wright, p10 and p22)

A software patent protects the software for 17years (cf

InAu bonheur des mots, by Claude Gagnire, ed. Robert Laffont, p206:

At the French Mathematical Summer University in 1991, there were always 17students. At the French Mathematical Summer University organized by the FFJM in 1992, there were 17 teachers, assistants and personalities.

It is mainly in the Chiism (and, because of its influence, in the Turkish epico-religious literature in Anatolia) that a quasi-magical importance is given to the number17… From the ancient times, the Chiist mystics had venerated the number17; this veneration has its origins in the ancient Pythagorean speculations lying on the letters in the Greek alphabet… 17 represented the number of those who would rise from the dead and each one of those people was to receive one of the 17letters of the alphabet, making up the highest name of God, which is certainly related to the blade of the Star, arcanum17 in the Tarot game whose symbolism evokes mutation, rebirth, and which DrAllendy considers to beKarmic Liberation(alln, 364). Moreover, according toThe Book of the Balanceby Gâbir ibn Hayyân, an alchemist and a soufi,the shape(sura) of every thing in the world is 17; 17 is the verybasisof the theory of the Balance and must be regarded as thecanon of the equilibriumof every thing.

Hölders scale is composed of 17notes.

About theMoon Speedergame on the Falcon, inST-Magazine90: You are Damon Schumberger, the world champion of gliders, and for the first time since the terrible accident of March2117, which killed 17 of the 23pilots of the championship and left you paralyzed for life in your chair….

The 17th book is the shortest. Someone has spent 17years looking for the exact middle point of the Bible. It is the psalm117 which is the shortest. The longest one is the psalm119 (divisible by17).

HenriIV celebrated his wedding a second time on December17,1600, in Cathedral Saint-Jean in Lyon. His wife Marie de Mdicis arrived with about 5000 Italians in 17galleys.

Another small puzzle: four boys want to cross a bridge, which will be destroyed in 17minutes. The boys respectively need 2, 3, 5, 6 minutes to cross the bridge. The bridge is very old, so only two boys can simultaneously cross it. It is night, and they need a light; so it is necessary that two boys cross the bridge, then one comes back with the light and so on…

The game

This first day of staging was March14,1934 (03/14/34).

Note: the mathematical properties of 17 are only in theLaTeX version.

The Japanese poetry Haiku contains 17syllables. SeeThe SciFaiku Manifesto.

The number17 appeared twice in the 5th French Championship of the Mathematical and Logical Games (Championnat de France des Jeux Mathmatiques et Logiques): the solution to the 3rd exercise of the heats was17; and in the 2nd exercise of the 2nd day of the finals, the 17th card was asked.

The Chinese had a bureaucratic constitution with 17articles.

Beethoven wrote 17 string quartets. The first of Händels Water Music took place on July17,1717 (the yellow pigs day!). Domenico Zipoli sailed for South-America in 1717 and landed in July1717. Gossec wrote a symphony in 17parts. Titchenko wrote a concerto for cello and 17 wind instruments. Senfl wrote a mass in 17parts (given on October2, 1994 at the Festival dAmbronay). Mendelssohns op. 54: 17variations for piano. Bach had an orchester with 17musicians during the Weimar period, when he wrote the concerto for 2violins BWV1043 (France-Musique,Bach et lEurope, December10,1995). In 1895, St-Saens had 17volumes of Rameaus work published (Radio Classique, December13,1995, 15:30). With one of his fiances, Alessandro Scarlatti had 17children including Domenico (France-Musique, January26,1996); Marin Marais had 17children (France-Musique,Lveil des muses, February3,1996). In 1575, Byrd and Tallis published theCantiones Sacrae, dedicated to the Queen: 17motets by Byrd and 17 by Tallis (from an article, September5,1996). Telemann wrote 17operas.

The cave of Lascaux, painted 17,000years ago, was discovered by Marcel David, 17years old.

The first collision of Supernovae that could be observed occurred 17 million light-years from the Earth (source:France2, teletext, June11,1997).

Shakespeare wrote 17comedies (in the 17th century). Hamlet reigned for 17years.

Problem of the 17camels: a sheik has 3children and owns 17camels. His will stipulates that the eldest is to receive half his property, the second son is to receive the third of his property, and the third one is to receive the ninth of his property. On his death, how would you share out? Solution: borrow a camel, share out, and give back a camel (1/2+1/3+1/9=17/18).

InDictionnaire des symboles, ed. Robert Laffont / Jupiter (1982), p360:

The number17 has a particular importance in the tradition of the trade guilds which acknowledge 17 journey men initiated by Alî, 17patrons of those who founded the muslim guilds initiated by Selmân-iFârsî, and 17 main guilds (meln, 455s.).

We previously wrote that 17 was 9+8 and 72 was 98; furthermore when adding the digits of these numbers, we get 8 for 17, and 9 for 72. The 9:8 ratio is endlessly recurrent in the ancient Greeks arithmological speculations, whether in grammar, music (the 9:8 ratio being represented by the middle strings of the lyre), metric theory or cosmology.

At the finals of the 8th International French Championship of the Mathematical and Logical Games (Championnat International de France des Jeux Mathmatiques et Logiques), second session, in the 2nd exercise: there are 17animals in Belbosse zoo.

The universe is around 10^17seconds old.

In each issue ofJouer Jeux Mathmatiques, properties of a number are given: rubricla Vie des Nombres. In the 17th issue, the chosen number is 289=17². In the 8th issue, the chosen number is 512 and it is written: On the circle graduated into 360points, 512 is […] at 3/8 round from 17, a number rich in curiosity.

Jean-Michel Damase wrote17 variations pour quintette vent.

2² + 3² + 5² + 7² + 11² + 13² + 17² = 666 (number of the Beast).

Banach used to hold meetings of math problems in a caf. Ulam said that one of them had lasted 17hours. (Quadrature14, p2)

Cinq changeront en tel rvolu terme:

The French revolution took place in 1789 (8+9=17).

Theperiodical cicadahas a juvenile stage of either 13years or 17years. It is conjectured that the reason that these insects have a juvenile stage of a prime number of years is that it makes it difficult for their predators tolock ontotheir life cycle and decimate them every time they emerge as adults, e.g. a predator with a life cycle of 4years might pose problems for them if they had a juvenile stage of 16years.

In early 1988, Martyn Brown founded the17Bit Public Domain libraryfor AtariST and Amiga computers. The name came from the fact that the machines were using 16-bit technology and the library aimed to be That bit better thus the name17Bitwas formed.Team17was a development team formed from17Bitcontacts.

The Falcon030 operating system supports 17countries (cfThe Atari Compendium, p3.5): USA, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland (French), Switzerland (German), Turkey, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Saudi Arabia, Holland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary.

Si vous tiez drangez dix-sept fois par jour dans votre boulot par des gens qui vous tlphonent directement pour vous demander des produits de votre boite, alors que ce nest pas votre boulot, vous finiriez par avoir ce genre dnervement 🙁

There are 17academies of music in Paris (districts 1 to 4 are grouped in one establishment).

Michel Sumpfs filmLe Gographe manuelwas shot by 17 different cameramen (cfTlrama2429, July31,1996, p20).

From the help ofBlackHole2: Mode12 sprites should be around 3417 pixels. Mode20 sprites should be around 3434. According to RISCOSstyle guide, large icons (for the files) must be 68 OS units high (i.e. 34 pixels in high resolution), and small icons must be 34 OS units high (i.e. 17 pixels in high resolution).

The element selenium [Se], whose atomic number is 34 (172) was discovered by Jons Berzelius in 1817 (1+8+1+7=17).

Paul Austers first book was rejected 17times (cf an interview onFrance-Inter, on October13,1993;Tlrama2396, December13,1995, p46). The editing of the filmBrooklyn Boogielasted 17months (cfTlrama2396, p48).

On June20,1996, Columbia starts its longest mission. The scheduled duration – 17days – will be a record for a shuttle as long as the amount of fuel allows to reach such a duration. For the first time, a microscopic TV camera filmed the astronauts tying to their seats. Then they could be observed for the eight and a half minutes (i.e. 17half-minutes) for which the shuttle reached its orbit at an altitude of about 400km. Source:Reuters French News.

Voyagen17 is an interactive work by Jean-Marie Dallet, which has been presented atArtifices3(contemporary art and new technologies) in particular.

In Chatou (78400, France), a street is calledrue des dix-sept(i.e. street of the seventeens). The extension ofrue de Sahnewas given this name in December 1880. In 1878, the town council considered that property Fauchat was suitable to be a future town hall. But the heirs refused to sell the house separately, and the town council didnt want to (or couldnt) buy the whole domain. Mayor Bousson engaged its fellow citizens to form a civil company to buy all of it. This company was constituted by 17people. It gave the town the house and some land while it sold the surplus by lots, making a profit given to the town. The names and the photos of these 17 are displayed on a board in the town hall. These are Mr. Albin, Barbier, Bardon, Baudry, Blin, Bousson, Coulon, Djardin, Dijon, Ducellier, Huser, Lambert, Laubeuf, Marais, Sandel, Sarazin and Yvon. Source: tourist bureau of Chatou.

Under RISCOS, the system calls are done with the assembly instructionSWIfollowed by a 24-bit number. The bit17 of this number, called bitX, is very particular: it has an influence on the error handling (it is the only bit the programmer must know the meaning).

Pluto is the only planet out of the ecliptic plane. Its orbit is inclined of 17. The last mission to the Moon was on Apollo17 in 1972 (17116). The period of revolution of Callisto, discovered in the 17th century by Galileo, around Jupiter is 17days.

Team17s FAQis composed of 17questions. From this FAQ:

To the ancient Greeks, 17 represents the number of consonants in the alphabet, with 9 silent consonants and 8 semi-vowels or semi-consonants. These numbers were also tightly linked with musical theory and the harmony of the spheres.

Inzsh,historybuiltin will, by default, only show you the last 17 commands, regardless of actual history size (cfzshman and FAQ).

In the 3rd issue of the French reviewHaute Performance, the example chosen for the challenge (page10) is divisible by17 (it is 2754), and the program ran for 0.102 second (divisible by17) for this example. In the 6th issue, page5 (rubricprogrammes divers, titleLe recordman), it is written that an adherent has sent a 17-page letter!

The firstQuadraturewhere there is an advertisement for the French Mathematical Summer University is the 17thissue.

In the French reviewMath & malices, readers can send the answers to the set problems, which allows them to win points. Each time these points reach a multiple of17, the reader receives a pin.

The Italians fear the 17s, because 17 is written XVII in Roman numerals, which is the anagram of VIXI, which means I lived, i.e. I am dead. In Italy, buildings do not have a 17th floor, hotels do not have a room17, and Alitalia planes do not have a seat17 [neither do Air Inter planes and British Airways Concordes]. When Renault marketed its R17 and wanted to export it to Italy, it had to be renamed Renault 177. Napoleon Bonaparte, who was more Italian than French in his education, refused to give the signal for his coup on vendredi 17 brumaire and postponed it until the following day.

On September8,1994, in the 8oclock news, on the French first channel: in the report on the birth rate, the first family from Burkina Faso had 17children; in the report on Formula One, the article from the regulation which had been shown was the article17.

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