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[2018-05-02] Challenge 359 [Intermediate] Unwrap Some Text(self.dailyprogrammer)

[2018-03-05] Challenge 353 [Easy] Closest String(self.dailyprogrammer)

[2018-04-11] Challenge 356 [Intermediate] Goldbachs Weak Conjecture(self.dailyprogrammer)

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[2018-03-16] Challenge 354 [Hard] Integer Complexity 3(self.dailyprogrammer)

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[2018-03-26] Challenge 355 [Easy] Alphabet Cipher(self.dailyprogrammer)

[2018-03-28] Challenge 355 [Intermediate] Possible Number of Pies(self.dailyprogrammer)

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[2018-03-09] Challenge 353 [Hard] Create a Simple Stochastic Computing Machine(self.dailyprogrammer)

Weekly 28 – Mini Challenges(self.dailyprogrammer)

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[2018-05-16] Challenge 361 [Intermediate] ElsieFour low-tech cipher(self.dailyprogrammer)

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submitted2 months ago*byCosmologicon2 3

[2018-04-23] Challenge 358 [Easy] Decipher The Seven Segments(self.dailyprogrammer)

submitted1 month agobyGarth5689

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[2018-05-09] Challenge 360 [Intermediate] Find the Nearest Aeroplane(self.dailyprogrammer)

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submitted2 months agobyGarth5689

[2018-05-18] Challenge 361 [Hard] Sudoku knights tour(self.dailyprogrammer)

[2018-03-14] Challenge 354 [Intermediate] Integer Complexity 2(self.dailyprogrammer)

submitted1 month ago*byi3aizey

[2018-03-12] Challenge 354 [Easy] Integer Complexity 1(self.dailyprogrammer)

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[2018-02-23] Challenge 352 [Hard] Well, Well, Well(self.dailyprogrammer)

[2018-04-19] Challenge 357 [Intermediate] Kolakoski Sequences(self.dailyprogrammer)

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[2018-04-25] Challenge 358 [Intermediate] Everyones A Winner!(self.dailyprogrammer)

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submitted20 days agobyCosmologicon2 3

[2018-04-20] Challenge 357 [Hard] Continued Fractions(self.dailyprogrammer)

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[2018-04-30] Challenge 359 [Easy] Regular Paperfold Sequence Generator(self.dailyprogrammer)

[2018-04-27] Challenge 358 [Hard] Puzzle me this(self.dailyprogrammer)

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[2018-05-14] Challenge 361 [Easy] Tally Program(self.dailyprogrammer)

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[2018-03-07] Challenge 353 [Intermediate](self.dailyprogrammer)

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[2018-05-04] Challenge 359 [Hard] Primes in Grids(self.dailyprogrammer)

Open Discussion Threads(self.dailyprogrammer)

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[2018-05-30] Challenge 362 [Intermediate] Route Transposition Cipher(self.dailyprogrammer)

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