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Roblox tricks kids into coding with Jurassic Park

Roblox is something of amix between a game and a development platform. It allows users to play games developed by other people, as well as create their own games. Now, the company is introducing an education initiative for its 60 million-strong kid and teen user base. The aim is to promote learning through educational tools that are fun to use.

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Roblox tricks kids into coding with Jurassic Park

Additionally, Roblox Studio will be used in over 500 coding camps in the US, UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada, Spain, Brazil and Portugal. This tool will help teach kids the fundamentals of coding and help them figure out to to develop, publish and market their own games. For children without access to these camps, a Creator Challenge will take place from June 12th to September 12th and offer a self-paced program for kids to code their own games inspired by *Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom*.

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The new initiative, called Roblox Education, includes a curriculum for teachers, coding camps and a creator challenge. Teachers will have access to (free) step-by-step tutorials, handouts, setup guides, outlines, lesson guides and more in order to use Roblox to teach coding in their classrooms.

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