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Is Show HN an appropriate category for a link to a TechCruch coverage? (Unless you are the creator of TechCrunch… and expect us learn about it from this post.)

Also, the team is great – I signed up a long time ago and had some performance feedback for Vivek. They promptly implemented the change within a day. I havent used it recently, but at the very least youll get something out of it if you need practice.

Sorry, Hacker Rank cant make me guarantee anything.

Love the way you catch her :). Just being curious, who will be interviewing those that pass the code challenges?

Shes cute. I think I found my next waifu.

Putting the most positive spin on this situation as I can, I think the difference between software and other engineering disciplines is in software we are often hiring people to do things that have never been done before. Other disciplines can say, we need you to design this, have you ever designed this before? and the engineers can generally say, yes, and this is how it went. For software the best way we can guess if people will be able to do the thing that they have never done before is to assess their general cleverness and problem solving skills, with puzzles.

While I cannot vouch for whether or not this will land you an interview, HackerRank was very useful in preparing for interviews.

Not everyone need to be a coder, but most professionals do need to know how to leverage machines to automate their workflow and generate deeper insights.

The point is that the omission makes your submission title somewhat misleading.

Is it wrong that I have zero interest in a new job, but want to sign up for a ready supply of interesting puzzles?

Got it. Will fix the title. However, the guarantee part if you pass a coding challenge isnt a standard. For eg: if you would like to apply to Facebook, how would you go about doing it now?

Standard for job-hiring startups like Hired and TripleByte, for example, not for the normal interview process. (Although I double checked and TripleByte does not do a programming challenge; they go straight to the interview)

Please stop posting unsubstantive comments to Hacker News.

EDIT: HN user name was ritikatrikha, same as Twitter with employment info.

An app that guarantees an interviewipso factowould be interesting. An app that guarantees an interview after passing a coding challenge is standard fare for most tech job-hiring startups nowadays. (It also doesnt make much sense to offer a coding challenge on a smartphone either)

Ok, we edited the title (Show HN: HackerRanks app that guarantees an interview call) to make that explicit.

The problem with that is that the profession becomes overrun with people who have zero ability to actually get things done in an efficient manner.

I love the general principle of this and applies to other professions.

The rules morph to accommodate the type of project. Its hard to show a mobile app directly, so an article describing the work with a link to the app is ok. In this case, since theres a web version, the Show HN post should probably have linked to that, with a mention of the article in the comments. But its a bit late to change now so well leave it as is.

Yes, thats correct. Guarantees after clearing the qualification score for a coding challenge.

Is that true, or is it just that were unaware of how much innovation exists in other fields?

If I were hiring people in my field (financeaccounting) I would love to use something like this to make sure a candidate can accomplish some basic analytic tasks and workflow automation tasks.

It involves a lot of manual work on both hired & triplebyte . For instance in triplebyte, you get interviewed by the triplebyte team AND then proceed for an interview. We are bypassing those steps and getting them connected directly to companies.

Looks like Uber and VMware are already using this product. Can anyone from those teams tell us about their experience?

Design a footbridge across the Thames capable of sustaining a reasonable amount of traffic, using nothing but Tinker Toys and rubber bands. We dont care about the answer — we just want to see how you think!

My team (at VMware) has used HackerRank to hire. It worked out pretty well. The biggest advantage was being able to vet many candidates quickly. Its definitely improved our hiring process (it used to take us much longer to find a suitable candidate). I think my team was one of the first at our company to use it (and we havent done much hiring since), so my knowledge about the specifics is a little out-of-date.

It would be really nice if something like this existed for internships – some of the companies listed (like Uber) seem to be extraordinarily hard to get a response from if you dont go to a target school.

We have 5 companies already ready to take interns. If you are interested, you can just email me: vivek@

What about other professionals? Doctors, accountants, architects.. do these people have to do silly puzzles as well?

*guarantees an interview call after a coding challenge

Why not just use normal HackerRank then…?

Are there actual licensed engineering professionals (ie electrical, mechanical) who resort to some made up ranks to separate themselves from the herd and use puzzles to judge the skillset of a potential employee? How does this work in industries other than software? Just genuinely curious here.

What the other user did was bad, but this is egregious. If you comment like that on HN again we will ban your account.

I work in finance and accounting and its rare for someones technical skills to be evaluated in an interview.

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