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Software Developer Interview Questions

You heard that Oracle was being run by executives of dubious ethical fortitude who got rich (feel free to Google search Larry Ellison and Mark Hurd) and you figured that you might as well try to get on the gravy train.

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youd better search the algorithm on the website in advance.

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Software Developer Interview Questions

How to implement the minimum spanning tree using double-side lists?

Software developers design, write, test, and maintain the code for a software system. Extensive knowledge of programming languages, data structures, and algorithms are necessary to pass the technical interview which is designed to test these skills. Employers are looking for candidates with a bachelors degree in computer science or related field or equivalent work experience.

Senior Software Development Engineer

Didnt do a good job of explaining this.

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the difference among hashmap, hashtable, hashset in JAVA?

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discuss my problem in my project and discuss how I solve it.

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There is are three different solutions of this problem with detailed analysis on the website:

i know a MST algorithm using minimum heap , but how do you do that with double-side list? thanks

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Software Developer Interview Questions

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Write a function that puts 2 unordered arrays into a 3rd order array

Whats difficult problem you met in the project you did?

Glassdoor has 113 interview questions and reports from Software Developer interviews. Prepare for your interview. Get hired. Love your job.

Use merge sort. But the programming is a little bit complex.

Software Development Engineer II jobs

Hashtable Hashtable is basically a datastructure to retain values of key-value pair. – It didnt allow null for both key and value. You will get NullPointerException if you add null value. – It is synchronized. So it comes with its cost. Only one thread can access in one time HashMap Like Hashtable it also accepts key value pair. – It allows null for both key and value – It is unsynchronized. So come up with better performance HashSet HashSet does not allow duplicate values. It provides add method rather put method. You also use its contain method to check whether the object is already available in HashSet. HashSet can be used where you want to maintain a unique list.

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The keyword used to transfer control from a function back to the calling function is.

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