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May 2017. Mr. Lisa Courtney and Mr. Jerry Afflerback were instrumental in the successful development and documentation of resource loaded project schedule baselines. Their efforts provided AFTAC/TT with their first ever fully loaded, executable project schedules. They worked with TTS, TTX, and MS resources weekly to obtain actual hours spent against project tasks and update projected finish dates. This effort increased communication across divisions and directorates.

June 30, 2017. Mr. Rob Martins Outstanding Performance during the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) Science and Technology Conference2017 Vienna, Austria (Jun 26-29, 2017), was honored with the Best Presentation Award.

Feb 23, 2017. In a face-to-face meeting with Mr. Dave Merker (AFTAC Director of Nuclear Treaty Monitors, SES), he expressed his sincere gratitude for the exceptional way Kegman Inc., has staffed the MERC-G contract with qualified, high producers. Mr. Merker acknowledged that he was skeptical about Kegmans ability to effectively transition the MERC-G contract. Mr. Merker stated that he was impressed with our performance and lauded the speed and care taken by Kegman during the transition and expressed delight in the high-quality talent we have recruited and delivered to the contract.

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Air Force Technical Applications Center (AFTAC)

Rob Martin, Geophysical Acquisition Manager

We are located in the White building with Blue trim, on the SW corner of  W. Nasa Blvd. and Woody Burke Dr.

Our Engineers and Technical Experts apply decades of experience adapting sensor technologies to varying climates, topologies, and diverse infrastructure conditions. Their designs mitigate cost, schedule, and performance risk associated with adapting technologies to varying global conditions.

June 19, 2017.  Mark Tillman, ULA Engineer called Kegman to recognize the outstanding performance of our ULA team for their work on the CX41 camera effort

I am very proud of Team Kegmanan innovative, professional, and exceptionally talented group of people dedicated to performance excellence Susan Glasgow, President/CEO Kegman Inc.

the Google Maps direction to our address is off a bit!

Our Teams support Delta IV and Atlas launch operations from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station and Kennedy Space Center.

Air Force Technical Applications Center (AFTAC)

Air Force Technical Applications Center (AFTAC)

Our Scientist develop novel technologies and methodologies for extreme scale data analytics, big data processing, data mining, and machine learning. They optimize and execute coding required to observe a nuclear explosion using seismic, hydro-acoustic, infrasound, neutron yield and delayed gamma ray algorithms.

but dont take our word for it, see how current and past Customers view our performance and to understand why they have chosen Kegman Inc. and keep coming back time after time!

Sept 9, 2016. The outstanding efforts of the contracting team, supporting Project ODINFISH, contributed to the Cape Team being awarded the National Intelligence Meritorious Unit Citation. The citation outlines the significance (of this project) to the intelligence community.

Curiositys mission is to get Mars to give up its secrets. But we cant get to Mars without companies like Kegman who contribute technology, innovation, component parts, and know-how to the project.

Kegman routinely exceeds customer expectations

Building innovative designs that save time, money, while improving data reliability and availability with integrated logistics support; technical drawing package development, logistics analysis, configuration management and control.

Dave Mercker, SES, Dir Nuclear Treaty Monitoring

June 17, 2016. Mr. Sam Sorice (government program manager) explained that he (Ridge Brown) has performed flawlessly, has made great strides in developing the fabrication development area, and has even earned accolades from Dr. Jose Marciano, a government employee that reserves his accolades for exceptional performance.

June 15, 2015. Mr. (Eric) Abt identified and attended a last minute Persistent Systems training course where he received specialized training supporting special communications equipment. Mr. Abts training enabled the first ever integration of secure mobile ad-hoc networking technologies with seven maritime unmanned surface, unmanned aerial and submarine vehicles. This enabled real-time ex-filtration of subsurface data from anywhere in the world and was critical to the success of six offshore test events located at Cape Canaveral AFS, the US Coast Guards Station at Cortez, FL and AUTEC, Bahamas.

Air Force Technical Applications Center (AFTAC)

Mar 2, 2017. Ms. Wells stated that she was delighted with the service we provide and that we are forward thinking in our performance on the contract. She also mentioned that she met with the COR, Mr. Kyle Roberts and the AFTAC/TT Director Dave Merker where she asked them what they thought about Kegman performance on MERC-G. Both expressed that they are impressed with the team performance. Mr. Merker said that he was very pleased with how well the MERC-G contractors are doing, he said that we were exceeded all of his expectations.

Interested in knowing more?  Send us a note via our

1135 W Nasa Blvd, Suite 100, Melbourne, FL 32901

Jan 29, 2014. As my last assignment for ULAI was asked to design and, with the help of Chad Blank and Carlos Calix, install a new HDTV capable CATV system within the Delta IV DOC. This new CATV system in the DOC is now 95% complete with only minor cleanup work left to do. And it has been performance demonstrated to show that it exceeds all expectations, thanks in no small part to the quality work of Chad and Carlos, who, may I add, are two of the nicest and most pleasant individuals it has been my pleasure to work with. D. Craig Hawkins, Sr Engineer, ULA Communication Systems.

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