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Standards Compliant Coding

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Before you can check a web page is standards compliant the web page coding needs to contain:

Paste the URL in the box provided for Validate by URI.

This Page Is Valid XHTML 1.0 Strict!

In many cases, Im thinking that one new buyer or a handful of positive visitor actions on a site would pay for the incremental cost in many cases.

Do You Really Need All Those Plugins?

W3C standards are not that hard to follow, and this article explains the importance of following industry standards in more than just HTML, CSS etc. Good article!

The standard allows for a better user experience when adhered to as everyone is working to the same rules.

Better Usability Through Consistent Design

Further Reading on Standards Compliant Coding

There are various tools on the web to check that the HTML coding of a web page is using valid standards compliant coding. The W3C has its ownmarkup validation servicewhich we recommend you use as it would be most up to date.

Standards Compliant Coding and SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

My Web site is standard! And yours?

W3C standards should be the norm for any new business website.

For those creating their own web pages and they have not yet been posted to the webspace the W3C offers:

A website project price for a standards compliant website might be a bit more because you are paying for the expertise it takes to create the website. You will have to consider whether having a website that is viewable by all your visitors is more important than having a website that willannoy potential customersand drive them away.

Copy the URL (web address in the address bar of your browser).

Other Code Validation Services at the W3C

Before You Buy or Exchange That Link

Which Social Networking Website Should I Join?

Title Tags and Search Engine Optimization

will be easier to upgrade as web technology advances.

easier to read for those who use technology to read web pages to them.

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What is W3C? Are W3C Errors Relevant to SEO?

Why standards-compliant HTML matters

Custom Theme byAccrete Web Solutions

easier to read for the search engines.

Excellent Web Site! Very professional and full of great information. I am greatly enjoying it. Your enthusiasm is wonderful!!!

Thecharacter encodingspecification tells the validator (and the browser) what character set is being used within the web page.

Should I Create a Sitemap or HTML Site Map?

Note:Some tweaking of the external stylesheet may be required to make special effects work in all browsers. As mentioned above, each browser interprets the HTML elements (tags) differently but an experienced web designer will know how to overcome these problems.

Preparing for standard-compliant browsers

A website created using old technology or browser specific coding can cause your website to break (also known as crash) in your visitors chosen browser.

TheDOCTYPE declarationtells the validator (and the browser) which (X)HTML standard the web page is coded in.

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CSS Validation Service by URIwhere you enter the URL of the external stylesheet you wish to test.

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Will Opera always work with standards compliant code?

Go to the W3Csvalidation service.

render in any browser your visitor chooses to use.

V7N Is Having Another Blogging Challenge

Some web designers and web developers advertise on their websites and blogs that they use only standards compliant coding. Others write onthe cost of not standards compliant coding. As a small business owner or a novice website creator you might not know exactly what standards compliance coding is, nor why you should take this into consideration when having awebsite designed or selecting a template. So, what is this standards compliant stuff all about?

By pastingyour web page coding into the box provided.

The validator will check the (X)HTML coding for the selected web page and return if it is valid.

The long term cost benefits of having a standard compliant site is that in the future as coding standards improve and change it will be easier to keep up with the changes. Also, the time to maintain the site will be reduced.

Using the Title Attribute with HTML Elements

A Home Page for Each Category & Folder

301 Redirects: What You Need to Know

By using standards compliant coding, the presentation attributes (the coding that makes the website look pretty) are moved to a separate file called an external stylesheet, leaving just the basic HTML coding required to present the web page content. This will make your web pages:

Can You Improve Rankings by Cleaning Up Website Code?

Then the web page contains valid (X)HTML coding.

CSS Validation Service by Inputwhere you paste your stylesheet coding into the box provided.

How your website is coded can affect how it is presented in the web browser your visitor is using.

Definitely something that I am going to take into consideration from now on

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You can use these XHTML tags: a href= title= abbr title= acronym title= b blockquote cite= cite code del datetime= em i q cite= s strike strong within your comment.

Validate by File Uploadwhere you can upload your web page from your computer to the validator.

A web page has adocument structure. If this is not followed properly, the web page will not validate and can cause problems for the more standards compliant browsers.

For example, there are standards for HTML coding. HTML coding is what presents a website in the browser you are using.

A web designer or web developer who has kept up their training to the current standards would be knowledgeable about standards compliant coding. Generally, it does not take any more time to actually code a web page to be standards compliant. There is a bit of time required to properly plan how to layout the website project and how to create the web page and its accompanying files efficiently.

Each browser interprets the HTML standards a different way, especially some of the fancier techniques used to create a website.

There is a group called theWorld Wide Web Consortium(W3C) that creates standards for technologies used on the web. Each part of the different technologies has a set of specifications (standards) set out for web designers and browsers to follow so everything on the web gets along.

I Have Heard Standards Compliant Coding Costs More

I have notified my web designer of the problem . I am waiting for a reply from him. I had no knowledge that my site was not compliant. I will have him remedy the problem. Thank you Sandra Johnson

CSS Validation Service by uploadwhere you can upload an external stylesheet from your computer.

As you mention, if it does cost more to hire a webmaster that provides standards compliant coding, is there a cost benefit associated with the cost?

If you want to test your own work, a website template or a web designers work then:

What are web standards and why should I use them?

I think serious web designers should have some knowledge of W3C standards as it will benefit the SEO for the website too. It is just like standard rules to follow in other business industry.

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