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STEM Camps

Intro to App Design (rising 6th to 8th grade)

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New this year! In partnership with Girls Inspired and Ready to Lead (GIRL, Inc), students will be introduced to mobile app-making using the iOnic app development framework and learn foundational web development skills including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. They will also be introduced to user interface and user experience design principles.

VEX IQ Challenge: Ringmaster (rising 4th to 8th grade)

Aviation Fundamentals 1 (rising 6th to 8th grade)

Cybersecurity 2 (rising 9th to 12th grade)

Teaches students the fundamental principles of cybersecurity. Through hands-on labs and group activities students learn the basics of networking and programming, how the Internet works, operating systems and security software, cyber threats, defense techniques, and cryptography. The camp increases students knowledge of proper cyber-hygiene as well as the ethical and criminal implications associated with hacking. Cybersecurity professionals will share their real-world experiences and the education and skills required to enter a career in the field.

VEX IQ Robotics ES (rising 4th to 5th grade) or MS (rising 6th to 8th grade)

Coding Elementary School (rising 3rd to 5th grade)

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At NOVA SySTEMic, we have the most exciting and educational summer STEM camps in Northern Virginia! Led by STEM teachers and college students enrolled in STEM programs, our STEM Camp program introduces Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math to thousands of grade-school students. Camps are focused on hands-on, project-based learning that provides students with excellent opportunities to begin exploring STEM fields and to chart a course for future STEM education and workforce opportunities.

VEX 2 Robotics (rising 7th to 12th grade)

VEX IQ Challenge: Ringmaster (4th-8th grade)

Intro to App Design (6th-8th grade)

There is a national and local shortage of health-care providers. The population is aging and a need for expansion in the health care job market is creating a high demand for science professionals as job choices and opportunities are abundant.

The four domains of national security are land, sea, air, and space. Now theres a fifth Cyber. Cybersecurity is a critical and booming field for STEM students to aspire to and excel in. For rising 9th through 12th graders our camp provides students with hands-on Cybersecurity activities through networking, attack/defense strategies and competitions.Former VA governor Terry McAuliffe issued the challenge for VA to become the capital for Cybersecurity. Engaging in this discipline early is the key to success. Cybersecurity students are helping protect the future!

Camps are offered in a variety of locations in Fairfax, Loudoun and Prince William counties and Alexandria.

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CSI Crime Scene Investigation (6th-8th grade)

For rising 4th through 8th graders. In pairs, students design, build, and program a VEX IQ robot that will operate autonomously and via remote control to compete against other camp teams in competitions such as the SumoBot and Maze Challenges. Students will code in RobotC to integrate sensor feedback into their autonomous code. They will also learn project management in a team setting, how to build with the VEX IQ system, and basic programming of the robot. The teams will compete in a final competition at the end of the week.

New this year! During this camp students will explore different healthcare fields as well as the educational pathways and community opportunities to get engaged in healthcare. Students will use models to learn basic anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, first aid and CPR. They will learn how medical examinations and assessments inform patient care plans, treatment and medical outcomes. If you are interested in being a nurse, doctor or in a healthcare career, this camp is an excellent option

Coding Elementary School (3rd-5th grade)

Aviation Fundamentals (6th-8th grade)

As our lives become more and more dependent on technology, programming is becoming the new literacy. Programmers are in high demand in the workforce and our coding camps provide rising 3rd through 10th grade students a platform to begin and enhance their programming skills. Students will come away with a basic understanding of programming and have the tools to pave their way to future success!Computer Science at NOVA allows students to earn industry certifications and pursue courses for credit or through workforce development.

Cybersecurity 1 (rising 9th to 12th grade)

In this camp, students will build STRETCH, a VEX IQ robot, to compete in the VEX IQ game,Ringmaster.They will learn how to make an engineering notebook to document team decisions on robot design, develop a game strategy and create an autonomous program to play the game and compete in the VEX IQ yearly challenge. This camp is perfect for students who want to compete in robotics.

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Camps run from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

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We offer general STEM camps for both upper elementary and middle school students that introduce curious young minds to various STEM topics such as Computer Aided Design (CAD), Coding and Programming, Math and Logical Thinking Skills, as well as Forensic Science.

Discounts are available if you sign up for multiple camps and/or if you sign up multiple children.

For rising 6th through 8th grade students. Computer aided design (CAD) will be explored, as well as CAD-part assembly using SnapCAD and coding using Robot Virtual World programming, which allows students to solve challenges using a virtual robot and RobotC. Students will make simple circuits and program them using Arduino boards as well as being introduced to sketching. In addition, students will use their logical thinking skills to solve problem-based activities.

NOVA is part of theVirginia Community College SystemNorthern Virginia Community College 2018

Robotics is inspiring and celebrated by STEM students like an athletic event! It also incorporates all 4 of the STEM disciplines. At our robotics camps students build, program and drive a robot on VEX IQ and VEX EDR platforms. In addition to developing skills in computer programming, engineering and science, students also collaborate as a team while using creativity and critical thinking to problem solve. VEX IQ camps cover 4th to 8th graders and VEX EDR camps are for rising 6th to 12th graders. Cool robots and fun challenges make this a camp both exciting and educational!Robotics introduces students to engineering, Computer Science and Project Management, which are available at NOVA.

Teaches advanced principles of cybersecurity, building on the knowledge and skills gained in the Cyber 1 camp. Students will learn the complete life-cycle of cyber-attacks through exercises and role playing activities. An introduction to digital forensics, online privacy, big data, and cryptocurrency will increase students understanding of these growing global challenges and how they may discover a rewarding career in the field of cybersecurity. Proof of prior participation in the Cyber 1 camp or completion of a CTE or relevant high school course (e.g. networking, computer science) is required in order to confirm enrollment in this camp.

In this camp students work with electronics to develop projects using software engineering and the Arduino micro-controller. They will learn how to integrate and control electronics such as LEDs, motors and sensors to complete projects and challenges. A variety of coding structures will be taught to control and refine the function of each project.

VEX 1 Robotics MS (rising 6th to 8th grade) or HS (rising 9th to 12th grade)

This one-week camp introduces rising 7th through 12th grade students to the basics of rocketry, the science behind how they work, and rocketry safety. Students also learn how to use RockSim, a simulation tool that helps guide the building process and simulates rocket launches before the rocket is even built. On the last day of camp, students will launch their custom designed rockets.

For rising 4th and 5th grade students. Broadly covers STEM through a variety of activities such as Computer Aided Design (CAD), Coding, Math, and problem-based challenges. Students will learn about CAD and 3D printing utilizing BlocksCAD and coding using Scratch. Students will also solve math activities and develop logical thinking skills to solve problem-based activities.

CSI Crime Scene Investigation (rising 6th to 8th grade)

We offer 17 different camps in 7 categories – Aerospace, Coding, Cybersecurity, Health Science, Robotics, and General STEM.

In partnership with Girls Inspired and Ready to Lead (GIRL, Inc), this new camp will introduce the foundational principles of aviation: 1) The Basics of Flight and Aerodynamics; 2) Meteorology; 3) Aircraft Types; 4) Takeoff and Landing Procedures; 5) Air Facilities; and 6) Basic Communications. The content will be delivered via interactive presentations, video, group projects and virtual training using PC-based flight simulation.

This is a two-week camp for rising 7th through 12th grade students who have 1-2 years of robotics experience. Students work in groups of 3 or 4 to design, build, and program a VEX robot to compete in the current VRC game. A variety of building techniques and options will be taught with advanced programming topics that will allow the students to navigate autonomously with sensor input.

New this year! In partnership with Girls Inspired and Ready to Lead (GIRL, Inc), the CSI camp develops an interest in Forensic Science. Experts in the field will provide fun and educational presentations and real-life science labs and workshops that cover topics such as fingerprints, chromatography, odontology, DNA, blood spatter analysis, firearms, evidence collection, and death investigation. The goal of the camp is to bring the lessons learned from all the disciplines taught during the week to document a final mock crime scene on the last day.

Pre-Health (rising 9th to 12th grade)

Experience the thrill of watching a rocket you built launch 1000 feet into the summer sky! Or use flight simulators to learn how airplanes fly. We offer rocketry and a new aviation camp this summer! Both rocketry and aviation include mathematics and physics.

Introduces rising 6th through 12th grade students to competitive robotics through the VEX EDR robotics design system. In pairs, students build and program a robot to operate on a field autonomously and by remote control. Students will learn basic computer programming in RobotC by completing sensor-integrated challenges. At the end of the week, teams will compete in a final competition. This camp is ideal for students interested in robotics and coding.

In Coding camp students will work with iPads to engage in a variety of coding projects. This includes using OSMO, SPHERO and Playgrounds to teach basic coding in addition to building LEGO Mindstorm EV3 robots that will be programmed to complete challenges.

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