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Most people here are familiar with seven segment displays, which are also used in matchstick puzzles. Below are the digits 0 through 9 and letters a through z, except k,m,t,v,w, written in this format….

Can private institutions fire employees without concern for the First Amendment?

A string can be shifted by a number n by getting the byte value c of each character in the string, calculating (c + n) mod 256, and converting the result back to a character. As an example, shifting …

How to play this passage precisely?

Your challenge is to turn input text to brain-flak code that will output the text. Tutorial taken from here with permission here Brain-Flak has two stacks, known as left and right. The active …

Great Expectations [is written vs has been written] by Charles Dickens

How do I regain managerial control of my self-organizing team?

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Can this helicopter/wrecking ball combo remain airborne?

Your mission is to build an algorithm (program or function) that can optimize packing fruit from a conveyor belt into bags to be sent off to retailers, optimizing for a largest number of bags. Each …

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Does a magic weapon require the attuner to be proficient?

API Easter egg hunt! Theres an API at which will provide a special Easter egg hunt, just for you… You can see the API docs at the above address, or try it …

Explaining the Main Ideas of Proof before Giving Details

The N Queens Problem, but with Fairy Chess Pieces

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A code challenge is a competition for creative ways to solve a programming puzzle with an objective winning criterion not covered by other scoring tags (e.g. code-golf).

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What is this blob found at the edge of a puddle on a forest logging road?

Lighting up a subject during sunset without a flash?

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Task Encode a string that entirely consists of uppercase alphabets (A-Z) using only zeros and ones, using your own favorite scheme. But the rule isnt that simple! Rules Your program/function must …

Modified Boggle Checker, with Modified Boggle-able Code

Should arguments based on the proponents gender be used in a grant proposal?

Why does having a soda tax seem so hard to achieve?

Could weight have been saved on the Apollo CSM using an alternative main engine?

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Fairy Chess is a sort of generalized chess that allows unconventional pieces. The eight queens puzzle is a classic problem where you have to put 8 queens on a chess board such that no two queens …

Do eigenvalues depend on the choice of basis?

Making cooking require split-second timing

Background Boggle is a board game where the players have to find English words on a 4-by-4 board of random alphabets. Words can be constructed by selecting sequentially adjacent cells on the board. (…

Is it a valid concern that a PhD student runs out of research ideas?

What is the meaning of taking in each others washing

5 = 1€ for souvenirs in Paris, why do they write the price this way?

What would happen if the Earth struck a tiny but immovable object

Im moving to the US in a few months; what will happen to the games in my indian steam library?

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Introduction For a given rational number r, find a pair of integers p,q so that p/q=r and the number of less used bits in p and q are minimized (details below). Challenge A positive rational number …

Minimize Least Used Binary Bits in Fractions

Given a polynomial in one variable with rational coefficients, output an equivalent expression containing only 1, variables, and definite integrals. For example, -x2 can be expressed as x111dtxdu. …

As of ECMAScript 2015, JavaScript has 33 reserved keywords, such as break, const and new, as well as 10 future reserved keywords, such as let and await. Your task is to chain together the largest …

Is there a way to ask in game (i.e. in a non-meta way) what a characters class is?

What should I pay for a 5-km songthaew trip in Koh Samui?

Weve had a lot of quine challenges, but a lot of the quine formats are similar, lets create some variance in our quines. Your task is to create a selection of programs in the same language (at least …

Inspired by both the challenge Unique is Cheap by @Laikoni, where the score is based on the challenge itself, as well as the JavaScript (ES6) answer of @ETHproductions for the Palindrome …

Write a program that, when run in different languages, outputs a different byte permutation of the code in each language. The exact source code is counted as one permutation. Here different language…

How Stack Overflow for Teams Fits into the Community

Challenge Given an integer n 4, output a permutation of the integers [0, n-1] with the property that no two consecutive integers are next to each other. The value of a permutation pi is the sum of …

Does an identical cryptographic hash or checksum for two files mean they are identical?

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