The best VPN 2023

The Best VPS 2023

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Hungary cancels Billy Elliot dates after newspaper says its turning kids gay

Your guide to getting Apples new operating system for iPhone and iPad

Admits of communal conversations are about to get another dictatorial power over their pals

At the moment, logging onto Facebook when you havent watched the latest World Cup match or episode of Love Island is a bit of a minefield.

The social network will also shut down a British facility thats working to build the aircraft

Find out how to give yourself a better chance of predicting the rise and fall of virtual money markets by monitoring the internet

Robot explorer will dig out samples from distant space rock and return them to Earth

Scientists shocked to see the dramatic effect marijuana had on the intelligence levels of aging rodents

Clever technology aims to rotate smartphones as they plummet so tougher parts of the gadget take the blow

Unknown artist carved massive manhood into a dried lake bed

Astronomers uncover secrets of a cigar-shaped object so unusual that some experts seriously suggested it was an extraterrestrial probe

Nasa probe discovers the building blocks of life in plumes gushing from the frozen surface of Enceladus

Fresh warnings as dog dies after being taken for walk in sun

Recently-discovered beastie is so scary that it was named after the Xenomorph creatures from Ridley Scotts famous horror movie series

Are humans set to cause a repeat of the natural disasters which came close to extinguishing life on our planet?

Ex-NASA scientist says aliens exist but encounters are covered up by governments

Family pays tribute to girl, 24, killed in hit-and-run on pedestrian crossing

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