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The Coding Classroom Challenge, co-sponsored by m and Codesters, will run fromMarch 5 to March 23, 2018. The contest includes a different coding challenge each week. Students can participate in one, two or all three weeks of the challenge.

Recreate a famous logo (Project, Shapes and Drawings)

Submitting Entries:To be entered into the random drawing, teachers must share their students completed projects each week via their schools Twitter or Facebook page. Teachers share a link to their students project and use thecodingchallenge2018and tag (Facebook) or @learningdotcom (Twitter) in their post. Teachers can enter as many entries from their class as they would like. Please look into your school/districts policy around sharing student work and/or pictures, if your districts policy does not allow you to share students work on social media channels, please submit your students projects to

3 classrooms will receive earbuds (1 pair for each student that is registered for the Coding Classroom Challenge).

3 classrooms will receive coding t-shirts (1 shirt for each student that is registered for the Coding Classroom Challenge).

Design a phone case with your initials (Project, Codesters in Space)

Create an interactive e-card (Project, Building Your First Program)

Each week there will be three classrooms randomly drawn as the prize winners based on the Coding Classroom Challenge submissions.

Design a phone case with your initials

Each weekly challenge will be themed as follows:

Middle schools that do not have an active subscription to Learning.coms EasyTech or EasyCode Pillars curriculum are eligible to participate in the 2018 Coding Classroom Challenge. Individual teachers can sign up to register their class, or schools can sign up to register multiple teachers and classrooms.

Participants will use EasyCode Pillars, our engaging coding curriculum for middle school students, to compete. Teachers can register their class(es), lab, coding club, and after school programs to participate in the Coding Classroom Challenge. Participating classes will earn entries into a random prize drawing for each week they participate. Prize drawings will take place each Monday for the prior week submissions.

IMPORTANT: The five EasyCode Pillars lessons teach Python coding skills in SEQUENTIAL ORDER, so it is important that students complete all prior lessons and activities before starting any new lessons and activities.For example, students must complete the first EasyCode Pillars lesson and project (Building Your First Program) prior to completing the second EasyCode Pillars lesson and project (Codesters in Space). The third lesson and project (Shapes and Drawings) is also sequential (i.e., students must complete prior lessons one and two in order to complete the third lesson and project). The additional fourth and fifth lessons are provided for students who wish to continue their coding practice, but these projects will not count towards the contest. The fourth and fifth lessons are also sequential and require previous knowledge and skills gained in the previous lessons.

Students login to and access the EasyCode Pillars lessons and activities assigned to them. At the end of each lesson, students complete and submit a project. Teachers share the student projects with via Facebook or Twitter. See How Do I Submit My Students Projects below.

About the Coding Classroom Challenge

How Do I Submit My Students Projects?

3 classes will receive a pizza party.

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