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The 8 Most In-Demand Programming Languages of 2016

This is the native language for all web browser. It has a library for pretty much everything and it makes communicating with APIs for data services simpler just to name a few examples.

Java is a mature language and has been around a long time (for computer years). Due to its maturity and widespread use, most large applications use this language because of how effective it is to scale and maintain. Java is running pretty much everywhere you can think of and not going anywhere anytime soon.

Javascript is is not only used to spice up your website, it can also help with things like validation or even to program games. Think of it as the webs response to particular user actions.

Data engineers, data scientists, and developers. Python is not industry specific, but task specificgreat for data processing, business intelligence, and some application development.

Ruby is a great language for beginners because of how flexible and forgiving it can be, and Ruby on Rails is a great framework for those beginners by getting them building things on the web quickly, easily, and maintainably. It is also a great way to learn many aspects of development because you will end up learning some HTML, CSS, and Javascript as you go.

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PHP can be used in many ways, including generating dynamic page content, interacting with server files in a multitude of ways, collecting form data, sending and receiving cookies, and modifying database datajust to name a few.

By 2020, there will be 1.4 million computer specialist job openings, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. But a study byGartnerprojects that universities are not likely to produce enough qualified graduates to fill even about 30% of these jobs.

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The great thing about this language is the syntax is very simple and it takes onlya few minutes to learnhow to run a very basic report. If youre already an Excel wiz, youre in luck because there is much similarity between the two.

Lets take a look at some of the most in-demand languages of 2016 to figure out which tools will best complement your skill set and career goals.

This means that the door is wide open for individuals who do not have a traditional background in computer science tolearn coding. But with so many programming languages out there, where do you start?

C++ has been around since 1979 and its a go-to for reliability and performance. Its typically found in your hardcore applications, or those requiring performance, like Adobe, Microsoft, portions of Mac OS/X, and even gaming site Twitch.

Back-end web developers, especially in industries where you need high performance and securitylike finance, healthcare, and even the gaming industry.

It is fairly easy to learn compared to more verbose languages like Java or C++. Python is a very readable language, which makes it easier to learn because you wont waste time learning arcane syntax. This makes Python a great language forbeginnersand allows you to focus on programming concepts and paradigms early.

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PHP is popular among Back-end web developers because its easy to use, with lots of documentation, and community support.

PHP is incredibly useful because it runs on many platforms, its compatible with nearly any server used today, it supports a range of databases, and its free and open source. PHP is even used for big websites like Facebook and WordPress.

Think of just about any organization from big banks, to hospitals, to app startupsall companies rely on data and need to organize and understand the information in a relevant way. They are always going to need a database professional.

In 2012, Venture capitalist Marc Andreessen famously declared,

SQL is good at fetching data and is most typically used to retrieve information from databases and combine it together to create reports.

It is a very consistent language and works extremely well right out of the box. Python can complete the same tasks in fewer lines of code and it feels more intuitive and natural. This convenience and ease of use have made Python a popular language all around.

PHP is a recursive acronym for Hypertext Preprocessor. Its a one-source, server-sidescripting languagecommonly bundled with databases written in SQL.

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C++ (pronounced cee plus plus) is a general purpose programming language used to define a series of operations that a computer can perform to accomplish a task.

You have to remember that Java is a programming language so in order to learn to speak it, you must first learn to talk or computer program. The learning curve is steep but once it clicks, everything begins to fall into place. Remember, unlike other programming languages Java does not offer as much instant gratification upfront which can be frustrating in the beginning.

Back-end web developers at startups and big corporations alike.

Python can be used to program web and desktop applications. It is also heavily used in the sciences to analyze data.

SQL stands for Structured Query Language. SQL is not a procedural language, meaning it doesnt instruct the computer to perform actions and create data. Instead, its a query language, which, you probably guessed, means it focuses on retrieving data.

C is generally known asfriendlier for beginnersthan Java. While the syntax is similar to Java, there tend to be more easily accessible resources and Microsofts collection of developer tools,Visual Studio, makes creating apps easier.

Using C you can do things like make software, write Windows applications, program games, write native mobile apps all with native API calls and native platform controls.

8. Ruby on Rails (Rails)

Python is an object-orientedprogramming languagethat is known for its clear syntax and readability.

C++ can be used to manipulate numbers and text. Its great at pulling and inputting data into databases, displaying graphics, analyzing data, and controlling PC connected devices.

Javascript is an object-orientedprogramming languageused to make interactive web effects, build rich user interfaces by pulling API data, and interact with a multitude of different systems. It interacts and builds HTML markup on the page by manipulating the HTML document in the window.

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Java is a general-purpose programming language that can run on virtually any type of computer and is independent of both device and platform. It is an object-oriented language which basically means that its made up of modules of code, kind of like lego bricks, which can be used in other programs, without having to rewrite it.

Like other scripting languages, PHP isrelatively easy to learn. That being said everything will be more difficult if this is your first stab at programming in general.

The short answer is,just about anything. Java allows you to build applications, develop Android apps, deploy applications, integrate robust libraries, and create sophisticated GUIs, just to name a few.

What is it?Ruby on Railsis a full-featured web framework built in Ruby (a programming language) that allows for robust web development.

Web and mobile developers, especially developing business applications targeting a Windows environment.

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C is convenient because its part of the common language infrastructure, meaning it can be used across multiple computer platforms and doesnt need to be rewritten. The languages diversity and flexibility make it a go-to for many programmers focused on Windows-based environments.

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C (pronounced cee-sharp) is amultiple paradigm programming languagedeveloped by Microsoft to compete with Java. A hybrid of C and C++, it is designed to help improve productivity of web and development.

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Back-end and front-end web developers. JavaScript is increasing in popularity across a variety of industries.

Back-end developers, data scientists, data-driven marketers in almost every industryeveryone who uses a relational database uses SQL.

This is an older language, which means there are many rules, guidelines, libraries, and bugs that come with those things. While its not the easiest language to learn, some may even say the hardest, its definitely still worth the effort.

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Ruby is a dynamic, reflective, object-oriented, general-purpose programming language that will help you quickly get a website up and running.

Ruby on Rails is extremely popular and many of the biggest (and trendiest) websites are built in it. Think Airbnb, Basecamp, Groupon, Kickstarter, and General Assembly!

C++ is truly cross-platform from Windows to Linux to Unix and mobile devices. The entire AAA games industry depends on C++. The world of open source uses C++ extensively. While languages such as Python dont match it for performance, they are good enough and arguably easier to learn.

Javascript can pose a bit of a hurdle for those who have never done any programming and only ever used markup languages like HTML and CSS. While there may be a slight bump in the road, the rule states that itseasy to learnand difficult to master.

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