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This web site is for complete beginners who want to learn how to make games. I am building up what will hopefully become a comprehensive catalogue of purecoding tutorialsin multiple languages.

Also a range of real workinggame projectsto put your new coding skills to work.

Beginner c tutorials that will get you started making games with Unity.

Read beginner C++ tutorials and learn about game coding.

Projects for getting started with Unreal Engine.

Tutorials on game design are on their way.

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Coding a Breakout (Arkanoid) game for Android

Android Game Programming Development for Beginners

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Building your first SFML game project

Coding a Space Invaders game for Android

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And a regularly updatedblogto get a handle on where to start and what is new in the world of making games.

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SFML projects from basic to complete games

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Read Java game coding tutorials for complete beginners.

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Buiding a Timberman Game in GameMaker Studio 2

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Android Game Programming by Example

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Unity game projects from beginner to full games.

TheseJava tutorialsassume zero previous programming knowledge. By the end of the tenth quick tutorial you will be ready to take on your first game projects.Java Tutorials

Simple patrol chase AI tutorial with Unity 2D and Mecanim

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Android Studio game projects from beginner to intermediate.

Projects for GameMaker Studio: Getting started to complete games.

Theseessential tutorialson aspects of game coding like mathematics, AI, design and more are not aimed at a specific language or platform.Essentials

TheseC++ tutorialsassume zero previous C++ knowledge and they will lead in to game programming projects inSFMLfor Windows, Linux and Mac.

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TheseC tutorialsassume zero previous C knowledge and they will lead in to game programming projects inUnityfor Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and IOS.C Tutorials

Tutorials on essential topics like game math, AI and physics.

Simple 2D Sprite-sheet animations in Unity

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