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Twitter swe intern coding challenge timeout on test cases what now?

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Good question! Its like this: if the question is more about college/university, it goes in/r/csmajors; if its more about a job, it goes here; if its in between, it can go in either one.

Not difficult, very standard algorithmic questions. One of them felt so easy, I thought it might have been a joke/trick question. But therere a bunch of coding challenges floating around so this just applies to mine!

search for text in self post contents

They recommended 90 minutes for the challenge so not sure why they gave us the whole week. Yeah haha it was a fun challenge anyway so no regrets, thanks for the reply!

I wouldnt expect to hear back. If theyre giving you an entire week, I would guess they get a lot of solutions that pass everything. That bein said, last year when I took it I think there were only two questions, so maybe they added a harder weed-out question that they dont intend for everyone to pass. So its not impossible, but I really wouldnt bank on it, and I would chalk this up as a learning experience. Also twitters recruitment process is nonsense and you wont hear back for months anyway.

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e.g.subreddit:aww dog

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Its kinda a tough situation there, since you shouldnt copy from the internet, but you sort of knew what to do. I guess I would have tried to implement it from memory, maybe?

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or did you brute force it and did it the O(n3) way?

submitted7 months agobycclefevre

Im not sure I would have stopped early, since it sounds like you were really close, and odds are they dont mind if you go a little over. Of course, I was rejected at the end of it all, so take that advice with a grain of salt.

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We could always do with more help and wisdom, friend! The better the FAQ, the harder we can come down on lazy posters with low-effort OPs, which means a higher quality subreddit experience foryou.

lol you remind me of myself like ~2 years ago

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Examples of questions that can go in either would be, Are college career fairs worth it? or What do you actually use from CS classes in real jobs? or Someone gave me this advice about getting an internship, is this right? For more details, check out the rules.

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Long story short, work hard and apply yourself and you can reject yourself without even needing to apply!

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I actually dont think I was close at all; there was no way I could have optimized my particular algorithm further. If you were me, would you have used the time to reimplement something from the internet?

Welcome, one and all, to CSCareerQuestions!

No idea about even the existence of this thing called leetcode and a coding challenge back then, got sent hackerrank by Twitter, bombed it completely (like maybe 3/30 test cases passed), walked away in shame

No not exactly but a similar problem. I definitely brute forced it though

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It required intense internal struggle but yes, I stopped after 90 minutes.

You mentioned Manacher so longest palindromic substring?

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off top of my head I can do it in O(n2), hackerrank times out for that?

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I received the week-long Twitter coding challenge for a summer SWE internship. There were 3 questions; the first 2 I passed all the test cases but on the 3rd I had 3/10 of them timeout. Pretty sure my implementation would give me the correct answer, just took too long.

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applied a year later and surprise they gave me another chance for internship, bombed it again

Now Im too shameful to even apply for their full-time

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I know there was a more optimal algorithm (Manachers), but I didnt want to copy some implementation off the internet and its not something Ive ever learned or heard of either. Basically Im asking: how screwed am I? Anyone else heard back?

tl;dr:darker colors == more posting experience here.

Twitter swe intern coding challenge timeout on test cases, what now?(self.cscareerquestions)

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