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What is kids coding and what languages can theyuse?

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You can also get programming software on your iPad for kids to play with, andSwift Playgroundoffers all the fun of gaming while learning how to code in the process.

Twineis the next level in teaching your kids how to code as this software is recommended for children aged 12 and up as this works as a non-linear storytelling app.

In order to move their character around or make them take actions they must piece together a series of instructions which will teach them about the basics of coding through a user friendly and fun interface.

It has been 50 years since kids programming languages were first introduced to the world and Google is marking the occasion with a coding game as their Google Doodle.

The game is based on the Scratch programming language for kids and see players snap together a variety of blocks to make the rabbit character move around.

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Although the game may appear simple with a childlike appeal with the cartoon characters, designing the game was no childs play as it took three teams to put it together The Google Doodle team, Google Blocky team and researchers from MIT Scratch.

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If you want to Give your kids the head start they need on all things coding, and learn a thing or two yourself, we have partnered withOfCourseto bring you a selection of courses that can help.

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The programming software acts like a game for children and works like a jigsaw when the kids are playing it.

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Lego Mindstorm Roboticsis another approach to learning about programming that focuses on robotics and is suitable for ages 10 and up.

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Alice is adrag and drop interface suitable for kids ages 10 and upwards and is a perfect compromise between playing on the computer all day and doing something productive.

Koduis another programming app from Microsoft that is designed for the Xbox 360 and kids can use the app to explore and design the 3D world.

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Todays Google Doodle celebrates 50 years of kids coding as part of Computer Science And Education Week.

Scratchis one of a variety of kid-friendly programming languages and tools that will teach kids how to code.

While Scratch would be recommended for ages of eight and up, Blockly is that bit more complex and may be more suitable for ages 10 and up.

Blocklyis another visual coding editor, that is not just designed to be kid friendly.

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