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5 Simple Programming Languages To Learn For First-Time Learners

And what about HTML . Why cant it be the language for beginners ?

Python is used by companies such as Google, Yahoo! and NASA. Django is the web application framework written by Python, which powers very popular sites such as Instagram, Pinterest and The New York Times.

The most popular question for any beginner who has just started learning to code is that which is the best programming language to learn for a beginner like me? To start with, it can be a little bit daunting for a first-timer considering that there are many different programming languages available to choose from. Not only that, it can sometimes also be difficult to choose which one to start with or which one would suit you.

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Cant see any easy language here. C++ is one of the most powerful languages. Even JavaScript is very complex im detail.

It runs on every single platform and is already in your browser for you to start learning, which means you need not install it. If you want to build anything for the web, then JavaScript must be on your list of programs to learn. However, JavaScript is also known to be a difficult language as it is untyped and thus is difficult to debug.

Well, I learned first Javascript and Im learning PHP now.

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Please tell me!!!!!!!

These are all really good programming languages. But for beginners best language us Pascal. It is hot very popular but it made for learning of programming. After you master it, id recommend Java basics because is one of most popular and most simple object programming languages. After that you can learn any language you want.

It is easy to learn with a helpful 20 minute quick start guide on the official Ruby website. It is straightforward and easy to read with a large community behind it of programmers willing to answer questions. There are a lot of documentation available as well as great resources that will help you to understand Ruby from the very beginning.

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so, Please advise me which will be the best order to start courses in order.

I Ma starting with Java. I know nothing about coding. Im starting from zero about coding language. It is difficult but I think after some time I can do some coding programming. If u have any advices and easy of learning Java plz suggest me thank you.

C is often used to program system software and is the lingua franca of Operating Systems. C has influenced almost all programming languages, especially C++. So, if you know C well, you would probably have less difficulty picking up other popular languages. Since C takes more complex code to perform simple tasks, beginners may find it tough to keep themselves motivated if they choose it as their first language. However, knowledge of C will definitely help you as a programmer.

Certainly, the easiest coding language to learn for the first time learners is Python. Developed in the 80s, Python is open source and free to use, even for commercial applications. It is usually used and referred to as a scripting language, allowing programmers to roll out huge quantities of easily readable and functional code in short periods of time. Further, its also dynamic, and supports object-oriented, procedural, and functional programming styles, among others. Thanks to its flexibility, Python is one of the most widely used high-level programming languages today.

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Do some research, it has a lot of the C, and C++ properties, but I believe its used more towards the internet.

Which is the first language and where to use

What is difference between python and c++ programming

scripted languages are also compiled, but one line at one time

Java is usually used to build Android apps, desktop apps, and video games. It is also commonly used as a server-side language for enterprise-level backend development. In addition, it adds to the capabilities of the C++ language. So, if you already have knowledge of C++, it will help with learning Java, but is not necessary. Even though, Java is a slightly complex programming language for the beginners, programmers agree that it can be a very beneficial first programming language to learn. However, it has a fundamental set of core concepts that will help you as you move to other languages and technologies.

Obviously, its a great option for creating websites.

I really think C should be included in the list cause it was easier for me to learn C than C++ code

I have done BE and MS in Computer Science but honestly, I took too many courses in Networking so I have not too much grip in Programming. while doing MS in Computer Science, I was too interested in AWS, DevOps, Linux, Networking and VMWare so I devoted much time in these areas so I became weak in Programming. Now, I want to devote 1 / 1.5 years in programming expecting to work daily 4-5 hours.

Nice post you have shared here, in fact all the programming languages are easy to learn and best but Java programming is very easy to learn for beginner. Want to know from you about how you see javascripts and php, which is difficult to learn?

I am working as Cisco voIp engineer and have more than 7 Years of experience as VOIP Network Engineer.

Now I want to learn something new, instersted in Coding. Is it going to help me in Furture going to be good combination or something irrelevant to ma field.

Java programming is a highly sought after skill, as having knowledge of it opens a lot of avenues in terms of employment. If you want to give it a try, go to Learn Java Online and start with the lessons today.

I m 16 years old I want to be a mobile app developer .

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What about C, is it a good programming language, because no one seems to talk about it.

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Not to be confused with Java, JavaScript is a primarily client-side scripting language used for front-end development. Java is a programming language while JavaScript is a scripting language. JavaScript is the most commonly used programming language to create cool websites and games for the web. It is dynamic and is flexible to use on object-oriented programming. It derives much of its syntax from The C Language.

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Can you please help me out to start programming in the order.

There is a mention of Java and C/C++, but nothing about C Hmm

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If learning JavaScript sounds fun to you, then JavaScript has some of the best online learning material and it lets you start learning straight away.

We bring to you a list of coding language that are not only easy to learn for the first-time learners, but also considered as the most profitable programming languages to learn in 2016. So, those who are thinking of learning to code or make a career in coding; here are the best and the easiest coding languages to learn for the first-time learners:

Why the f*** does nobody ever mention Wolfram Language?

Neither is JavaScript particularly easy to learn. Its so free-form that you very quickly end in a rabbit hole as a beginner.

Below is the list of courses, I am going to attend. Please advise me which course I should do first to learn next course. If 2 courses can be done parallel then please also advise.

My lecturer started us with C++ in preparation of Java. Once one understand classes in C++ life will be much easier when working on Java. Importantly, programming is about loving coding and making sense and funny out of it. The more you code, the better you will understand and the funny you will enjoy it. Let the code asks to recode to make it perfect and dont just quite because it has failed. Rather refresh and start again.

I started with C and then i learnt Java. Now i write Android apps

Java is one of the most popular and general purpose programming language in the world. Released in 1995, Java 1.0 was based on the principle of Write Once Run Anywhere. It is a class-based, object-oriented language and designed to be portable, which means that you can find it on all platforms, operating systems and devices.

Php n SQL is also a good language to learn.. i m studying computer application. Nd i know that coding is hardest if u dont understand it and coding is the most easiest if u understand this..

On the other hand, C++ is a powerful language based on C, which has added object-oriented features like classes to the language, along with virtual functions and templates. C++ is another of the worlds most popular programming languages and is designed for programming systems software. It is still widely used to build games/game engines, desktop apps, mobile apps, and web apps. C++ is powerful and fast, which has been used to build software such as Adobe Systems, Amazon, Paypal, Chrome, and more. Much like C, C++ is generally considered harder for beginners to learn on their own. So, if you decide to learn C++ as your first language, feel free to look for a mentor via Meetups or find a C++ Codementor.

I would really want to learn Python and C++ would I find someone to teach me

cause i tired to found the easy and most popular and functional programming language

We may have left some of your favourite languages however our stress was to bring you the comparatively easiest languages to choose from to start your coding career. We would love your comments about how you became a programmer.

There is a mention of Java and C/C++, but nothing about C Hmm

Programming is one of the best career choices in todays world as more and more services are shifting online. It pays good and it also offers a challenge to anyone who chooses coding as a career. However choosing it as a career or hobby raises many questions in a youngsters mind and through this article we are trying to solve some of them.

i need your support for learning java programming.

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In a nutshell, scripting is not using any lower-level coding, does not need to be compiled, no or little knowledge of memory management, you dont need to know much about the architecture or machine-specific features. Scripting is more powerful these days vs. 10 years ago, but still lacking compared to programming language. Programming language gives you far more control or access to the hardware (and other resources), and thus steeper learning curve. Scripting only gives you control over whatever is supported by the interpreter (software app) that will be parsing/running the script. Python is pretty cool because it can be used as both scripting and programming. You can run Python scripts that dont need compiling (easier, less powerful), or you can write a real app that needs to be compiled (more difficult, but more powerful).

Which language is suitable for me

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Ayush, For mobile app development start with Java here:

When learning Ruby, you dont have to learn a billion new commands, like in some other coding languages. Its developer, Yukihiro Matsumoto, has designed it to be easy and practical.

Neither Java, nor C or C++ are particularly easy to learn for beginners. There are so many pitfalls and complexities in these languages that are absolutely certain to frustrate first-time programmers.

These are or Here are

Only mind itu r smart boy and every power is in u. . .

Complete C Family Programming Bundle

HTML is not programming language. It is just Markup

i am intermediate at java i would be happy to help with anything

Ok! I will starting learn coding like you told us Mr.Kavita Iyer

i am ok at java i am i guess im intermediate i would be happy to help you if have any questions

Always answer is Pascal FIRST. Then for Android apps you can learn Java because all it is used for them.

Hi Deepak one day u make best java programmer but firstly u do smart work in java

I took Pascal and C++ back in the day, took them as requirements for college degree. Pascal was ok, I was surprised I passed the class with a B, I believe. C++, thats another animal. I found it harder. Maybe it had to do with the fact that I dont like opening the books to read and learn the actual languages. I asked my uncle, he is a programmer, he says learn C and .

and u have any problem u directly go on google. There are u takken a proper knowaladge.

I am thinking of starting from PYTHON, any input appreciated. Please need help on this.

And after what? Assembly ??? ? ? ?

Similar to Python, Ruby is simple, readable and for people who dont have any kind of programming experience. Ruby is a dynamic, object-oriented scripting language that is used in the development of websites and mobile apps. It is the language that powers their framework, Ruby on Rails, which is behind websites such as Twitter, Groupon and GitHub. It is also mostly used for backend development, and popular sites such as Airbnb, Shopify, Bloomberg, Hulu, and Slideshare.

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wat is the difference between scripting languege and a programming languege?

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There are some great official tutorials which are easy to follow and there is less of an emphasis on syntax which would suit beginners. It is a good stepping stone for moving on and learning other object-oriented languages.

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Anybody with vast knowledge of PHP, please help me out Im on Whatsapp

Here are the most difficult languages>

A beginner should stay the fuck away from C++

This are the five simple programming languages for the first-time programmers

I started with HTML and then I am doing javascript and I can tell I had a mental barrier that is gonna be the hardest thing ever in my life but now I am so motivated that I want to learn as much languages as possible.

C/C++/Java easy 1st languages?

I still have the bug, no pun intended, to learn a programming language, at an advanced level.

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Which programming language I have to learn which is easy and fast for me to learn

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