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Heared something new. Thanks for this awesome share. I will surely try this. Apart from badges, achievements and videos, Treehouse includes quizzes. Furthermore, one can participate in code challenges where a person has to quickly apply what he or she learnt in a video seen before.  You can earn points and badges by watching videos … Read more

The 10 Best Hacking Coding Computing Games


No wait, name-dropping is just an attempt to look cool. But its not This article was originally published November 9th, 2015 and has been updated with great new games. Hacknet above Uplink? What? How is Hacknet even in top-10 I wonder? Its one of these shitty I want to make a game about hacking projects. … Read more

JavaScript for beginners Grasshopper can teach coding

At the very time of this writing, someone somewhere on a plane, train or bar stool will be excited over some drawing or words scribbled on a napkin which he and his companion are moving around to describe the next big ideawhat … The next time your niece asks you where 18 things come from, … Read more


Check out some of the amazing things you can do with code. Help a robot with a green thumb care for its plants. Code your face into a kaleidoscopic masterpiece. Get ready to become an animation studio of one. Your voice matters. Code a message of empowerment to honor the female mathematicians of Hidden Figures. Make … Read more

5 Simple Programming Languages To Learn For First-Time Learners

And what about HTML . Why cant it be the language for beginners ? Python is used by companies such as Google, Yahoo! and NASA. Django is the web application framework written by Python, which powers very popular sites such as Instagram, Pinterest and The New York Times. The most popular question for any beginner … Read more

Download The Ultimate Guide to Coding for Beginners

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Sign up to get the most recent tech news, tips and career advice. Make a plan for learning the tech skills you need to land a new job with this 60+ page FREE ebook! This is why I was so excited to host the webinarso we could talk about that stuck feeling, brainstorm some concrete … Read more

Made with Code

Our projects are just the start. Check out more coding projects from our partners and sharpen your skills. Try your hand at a new project or start an online class. Want to create your very own web pages while learning HTML? Check out Mozilla Thimble and learn how. Scratch, created by the Massachusetts Institute of … Read more

I want to be a game developer now what?

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Alright, this one is a bit tricky, as frankly there are literally hundreds of programming languages, but I will cover off the most popular ones. I want to learn game programming, what language should I use? Once you get a bit more advanced, check out At this point I would recommend buying a C++ book … Read more

Coding for Kids!

These are programs you can download on to your computer at home. Be sure to get a grown-ups permission first! Learning the basics of computing coding not only teaches great problem solving skills, but its fun too! Some of the resources listed here can be used right away, some youll need a grown-ups permission to … Read more