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8 Amazing Coding Games for Beginners to Improve Your Coding Skills

Codewars allows you to develop your coding skills by participating in challenges with other people. You can choose from many programming languages, some of which include; C++, C, Python, Ruby, Swift, Java, and JavaScript. To begin with, you will need to prove your programming skills by completing a test which will gauge your understanding of the programming language you want to practice.

CodinGame gives you the opportunity to learn over 25 programming languages, some of which include; Java, Python, Kotlin, Scala, JavaScript, Swift, Ruby, C, C++, and many more. Additionally, you can play with your friends and enter international coding competitions. This adds an aspect which other coding games for beginners do not have.

CodeMonkey helps you learn to code using CoffeeScript, which is a real programming language. You will learn to code and build your own games using HTML5. CodeMonkey does not require any previous coding knowledge, so anyone can learn to code.

I am not a gamer yet, so this is for me a reason to get started. I was a programmer before and was coding games, would be nice to look into this again after so many years. Special mobile games are my interest today.

CodeCombat is a platform where students can learn to code by playing a game. You can use CodeCombat even if you have little to no programming experience. You can learn Python, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, and jQuery.

When starting to learn how to code, you probably wont be that willing to pay for something when there are so many free options which will help you learn to code just as well. Codecademy is free and you wont need to sign up for any monthly or yearly subscriptions. Additionally, Codecademy makes it possible for you to learn the syntax of a programming language such as Java through an interactive experience via your web browser. Codecademy also covers many programming languages and topics, some of which include; JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Sass, Rails, ReactJS, AngularJS, Ruby, SQL, and Java.

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Cyber-Dojo allows you to complete challenges for many different programming languages, some of which include; Python, JavaScript, PHP, and C. This game is a great way to learn to code and understand basic computer programming.

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Learning to code has become a lot easier, nowadays there are many ways to learn coding, one of the best and most enjoyable ways are coding games, these will help you learn to code and understand basic computer programming. You will be able to build on this foundation of knowledge and improve your coding skills. This article will talk about the best coding games for beginners to help you learn to code.

This is a great way to learn CSS, this game has 32 levels which will go through the basics of CSS selectors. The game will start off easy and will get progressively harder and more complex, each level will build on what the previous level went over. This will allow you to build a strong foundation and improve your coding skills. There are many coding games for beginners out there, but this one is definitely worth a try if you want to learn to code in CSS.

This game will help you learn to code in Ruby. There are different tracks to play depending on your skill level. This is completely free, so it will give you a great idea of what you are getting yourself into without any investment of money. Additionally, the return on investment will be high as you will only be investing time.

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