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C Hackerrank code produces correct results on Data Types challenge in 30 days of code but says Im wrong

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Recently I have tried to solve Day 1 Data types lesson for the 30 days of Code challenge in hackerrank and Ive run into a strange road block.The compiler keeps saying that my output is the wrong answer, but I print out the exact same integer double and string.the only thing thats different is that I dont have a decimal point on my double,which doesnt make sense because The only thing Ive done is read from the input,convert the input from a string to a double and then add the two doubles together

You can use.ToString()with an overload to format your result:

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Also thanks, It worked, but why did my decimal point go away? I dont want to mark this question as answered, because I really need to know this and because i dont think i should make a separate post about it.

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so the 0 represents a default placeholder, then what does the do?

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the0represents a default placeholder, if there is no decimal point it will add0. else it will show the actual value.

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represents any number preceding the.

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The general (G) format specifier converts a number to the more compact of either fixed-point or scientific notation, depending on the type of the number and whether a precision specifier is present.Source

using System; using llections.Generic; using System.IO; class Solution static void Main(String[] args) int i = 4; double d = 4.0; string s = HackerRank ; //this is the start of my code,the top part is preset by hackerrank int a=Convert.ToInt32(Console.ReadLine()); double x = Convert.ToDouble(Console.ReadLine()); string l = Console.ReadLine(); Console.WriteLine(a+i); Console.WriteLine(d+x); Console.WriteLine(s+l); Console.ReadLine();

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Can you guys help? This is my C code by the way.

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as you can see my .0 is missing for my double, any help?

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According to the documentation above, if you were to change your data type todecimalinstead ofdoublethe.0should be preserved.

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method, you can find all the options via MSDN

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Thanks for this, by the way, what is that .0 feature called? is it a special type of string formatting and/or placeholder? and is it exclusive to the .ToString() method?

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Why does it strip the.0in your case: according to MSDN,Console.WriteLine(double)represents the output as astringusing the defaultToString(G)overload:

here is there input they want me to use that I am using:

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The text representation of value is produced by calling the Double.ToString method.Source

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