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Arrays Left Rotation

Some error occured while loading page for you. Please try again. We use cookies to ensure you have the best browsing experience on our website. Please read ourcookie policyfor more information about how we use cookies. The second line containsspace-separated integers. Complete the functionrotLeftin the editor below. It should return the resulting array of integers. … Read more

The 10 Best Coding Challenge Websites for 2018

Likelast years article, this list is based on: my own experiences using all of these websites,Google searchesQuoraPosts, andcommentsfrom users on last years article. I also followed what websites people mentioned the most on popular forums liker/learnprogrammingandHacker News. Disclaimer: I work on Coderbyte which is one of the websites mentioned above. They also have aMock Interviewsection … Read more

Hash Tables Ransom Note

Complete thecheckMagazinefunction in the editor below. It must printif the note can be formed using the magazine, or. We use cookies to ensure you have the best browsing experience on our website. Please read ourcookie policyfor more information about how we use cookies. Given the words in the magazine and the words in the ransom … Read more

The Ultimate List of Best Pre-Employment Assessment Tools (May 2018

Hundred5 Blog The Ultimate List Of Pre Employment Testing Tools TrustedEmployees block

CodeLive which enable you to interview, interact and engage with candidates. Built-in applicant tracking system: How to source candidates:By inviting candidates to take the test What does this tool offer?QuizCV is a platform and marketplace for online pre-employment testing. Test publishers can prepare tests and sell to companies so that companies can make better hiring … Read more

Vinod Khosla

Khosla was a major proponent of the Yes on 87 campaign to passCalifornias Proposition 87, The Clean Energy Initiative, which failed to pass in November 2006. Surfrider Foundation Sues to Open Martins Beach to the Public. All Wikipedia articles written in Indian English Khosla has founded a number of other businesses and organizations, and was … Read more

How I solved Bomberman challenge on

If we go back to the rules, there is one more thing that needs to be done. In a certain step Bomberman plants bombs in all slots without bombs. Click to share on Google+ (Opens in new window) Once I got this test setup I started to implementextractParams. One possible alternative would be having the … Read more

The challenge of burninating [hackerrank

closely /questions/275935/burninate-project-euler. A less closely m/questions/351159/the-freecodecamp-fire Does Shattered actually show SHA-1-signed certificates are unsafe? SOQL query summation aggregation faster than a regular loop How Meta is different from the main site maybe request blacklisting the tag. There are 32 questions under the tag as of this posts writing. Does the tag add any meaningful information … Read more

Three difficult HackerRank problems and how to solve them


Time complexity is O(N*log(N)) and space complexity is O(1). Time complexity is O(N) and space complexity is O(1). If exactly one character has a different count than all other characters, then Keysel says to remove this character completely to fix S. If two or more have less or more characters, then there is no way … Read more

These are the Trends for Developers and Programming Languages in 2018

Self-teaching is the norm for developers of all ages. Even though 67% of developers have CS degrees, roughly 74% said they were at least partially self-taught. Another key area that the survey analyzed was the way employers hire developers, what they look for, the challenges they face, the tools they use, etc. According to 7,000+ … Read more

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Our interns from72018 winterand2018 summer. Together, they built automatic CodeChallenges that not only cut thousands of hours in recruiting collectively but also helped flatten the world by promoting a meritocracy. This innovation earned a spot at the prestigious Y Combinator startup accelerator program. And so HackerRank was born. 6 months (from Jan to June 2019) … Read more