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Codility BinaryGap Solution

HackerRank Non-Divisible Subset Solution

HackerRank Flatland Space Station Solution

def solution(N): cnt = 0 result = 0 found_one = False i = N while i: if i & 1 == 1: if (found_one == False): found_one = True else: result = max(result,cnt) cnt = 0 else: cnt += 1 i = 1 return result

Codility Distinct Solution

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Codility CountSemiprimes Solution

The solution is straight-forward! Use of binary shift.

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HackerRank Save the Prisoner! Solution

expected worst-case time complexity isO(log(N));

expected worst-case space complexity is O(1)

onCodility Distinct Solution

onCodility BinaryGap Solution

onCodility SqlSegmentsSum Kalium 2015 Solution

Find longest sequence of zeros in binary representation of an integer.

HackerRank Kangaroo Solution

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