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Hash Tables Ransom Note

Complete thecheckMagazinefunction in the editor below. It must printif the note can be formed using the magazine, or.

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Given the words in the magazine and the words in the ransom note, printYesif he can replicate his ransom noteexactlyusing whole words from the magazine; otherwise, printNo.

The third line containsspace-separated strings, each.

The second line containsspace-separated strings, each.

checkMagazine has the following parameters:

The first line contains two space-separated integers,and, the numbers of words in theand the..

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Harolds magazine is missing the word.

Harold is a kidnapper who wrote a ransom note, but now he is worried it will be traced back to him through his handwriting. He found a magazine and wants to know if he can cut out whole words from it and use them to create an untraceable replica of his ransom note. The words in his note arecase-sensitiveand hemustuse only whole words available in the magazine. Hecannotuse substrings or concatenation to create the words he needs.

PrintYesif he can use the magazine to create an untraceable replica of his ransom note. Otherwise, printNo.

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two only occurs once in the magazine.

For example, the note is Attack at dawn. The magazine contains only attack at dawn. The magazine has all the right words, but theres a case mismatch. The answer is.

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