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Sabre partners with HackerRank to sponsor Coding Hackathon SpringSprint

If you love a good code challenge, and want to join a company that values innovation, register now and give it a shot. Join hundreds of coding enthusiasts who are rolling up their sleeves, putting on a hot cup of coffee and bringing their A game this Saturday!

Eligibility: Must be enrolled in undergrad/grad within the United States or Canada

CodeSprintsor virtual hackathons, are one way that programmers can leverage HackerRank to potentially land an interview at a great company. Leading edge companies, like Facebook, Yelp, Evernote, RocketFuel and Quora, have leveraged CodeSprints to prescreen highly qualified candidates at universities across the country. Sponsoring CodeSprints is a great way for these companies to save time and resources by sourcing, recruiting and interviewing and hiring programmers.

Rank 1: $500 cash + HackerRank hoodie

Rank 2: Xbox One + HackerRank hoodie

Rank 4 to 25: Raspberry pi + HackerRank hoodie

Rank 3: Parrot AR Drone + HackerRank hoodie

Sabrejoins the ranks of several cutting edge companies that are sponsoring HackerRanks upcoming Spring Sprint on March 14th. Other sponsors include: Amazon, NBCUniversal Tech, Pocket Gems and more!

Rank 26 to 50: Razor Scooter + HackerRank hoodie

Check out the prizes for the Spring Sprint 2015!

Coders, what better way to land a great potential job opportunity than by showing companies what you can actually do? HackerRank is a platform that helps programmers hone their skills and companies recruit tech talent. We aim to help make the world more flat by empowering coders from all walks of life to be seen by innovative companies through coding challenges. Developers can take a variety of coding challenges, including functional programming, artificial intelligence and algorithms on HackerRank.

Students who participate in CodeSprints can opt in to send their coding challenge results and contact information to the companies who are sponsoring the event. Its a great way to show off your skills and get your foot in the door!

All participants completing one challenge $50 AWS credit.

Will you be the next HackerRank Champion?

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