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The best strength is the ability to leave at any time

In the workplace, The best strength is the ability to leave at any time, “Having the ability to leave at any time” is the best way for you to protect yourself. It can be used not only in the workplace, but even in our lives, such as family relationships, love, marriage, and so on.

The best strength

A small partner in the group recently quit, from a private company to a public institution, shouting that he was not used to it.

Private companies clock in on time when they go to and from get off work. Institutions say they go to work at 8 o’clock. She is the earliest to come at 8 o’clock every day. Colleagues usually come after 8:30. They say they go to work at 2 o’clock in the afternoon, but everyone has to take a lunch break to 3 o’clock.

The best strength is the ability to leave at any time
The best strength is the ability to leave at any time

The leader arranged for her and another newcomer in a new office. Without explaining anything, they just let them sit every day with nothing.

The little friend is a motivated girl, secretly anxious, not knowing what she needs to do, and asks everyone in the group for their opinions.

Some friends ridiculed: “Isn’t it easy to relax?”

Some suggested that she go early every day, clean up, boil the water, ask what the seniors do, or ask the leader in charge what work arrangements are there, don’t be emotional, be careful, and help when colleagues are busy, colleagues. As we can see, work arrangements are slowly being made.

I suggest that she bring a book or laptop to study some knowledge in related fields and remind her that although the business unit is idle, it should not be abandoned.

This little partner may have resigned from the original enterprise job in accordance with the “parents’ order” and chose to enter a “relatively leisurely” institution.

There will be gains and losses. After entering a public institution, I get leisure and stability, and may also lose my autonomy and passion when I am in the enterprise.

In the workplace, there is nothing wrong with making such a choice. Most people have to change many industries in their lives. It is difficult to determine which line is good and which line is not good, which one is wise and which one is bad. Every industry has the rationality of its existence and operation. At this point, we must respect the laws of each industry and respect our own choices.

Leave at any time

I have a junior in the law department who is one year younger than me. I met when I was employed in the same company N years after graduating.

It was a listed company. When I entered the headquarters of this company as a general manager, he was already the general manager of a member company of the group. And the group is forming several clusters, and he is the chief of one of the clusters. By chance, I later came to his company and became his subordinate.

The best strength is the ability to leave at any time
The best strength is the ability to leave at any time

This junior is known for his tough personality and stern control. I have heard about it a long time ago, so since I decided to go to him, I didn’t want to get preferential treatment through classmate relationships. He treated me equally. We have cooperated well, and I still respect him in my heart, not because of the relationship between alumni, but because of his unfavorable and invincible courage.

The younger brothers manage the relatively marginalized industries of the group. Compared with the mainstream business sector, the quality of personnel is relatively poor. The outstanding performance is the ubiquitous “rule of survival in the jungle”. The younger brother does not carry a trace of the “elegant air” of a famous school. On the contrary, he adapts to local conditions, is reckless, and manages a chaotic company in an orderly manner, and keeps all the “heroes” in order.

Every day, as long as he walks into the office building without anger and prestige, all the staff are cautious; if his secretary informs any cadre to see him, that person must be up and down in his heart and reflect on what he has done wrong all the way.

In addition to good corporate governance, the younger brother is most famous for being “not afraid to go”. He dares to provoke his direct boss and speaks outrageously. In such a group company, this makes him an outlier.

Colleagues gave him a mixed opinion, including me. It was only after working together for one or two years that he gradually realized his last resort. It’s not that he doesn’t know this truth, but he is full of confidence in himself: 1. What he does is fighting for the company, not for himself; 2. He believes that he can start again no matter where he is.

At a meeting of cadres, his speech was: “Even if I go to polish my shoes any day, I will polish better than others!”

Later, he really left the company to start his own business, an industry completely different from all his experiences. It was difficult at first but finally succeeded. He fulfilled his promise to himself.

Never get fired

These two stories are just to illustrate the truth: in the workplace, you can be selected or selected, but don’t forget that the strength that allows you to be invincible in the workplace forever is the ability to leave at any time.

The best strength is the ability to leave at any time

This is actually what I most want to say to the little partner who quit to a business unit.

Jack Welch, the outstanding CEO of General Electric in the United States, once said: “A good company does not guarantee your lifelong employment, but cultivates your lifelong employment ability.” By extension, a successful professional is not forever. Not being fired, but always having the ability to choose a career and leave at any time.

The market economy is unpredictable, and the fate of enterprises is often not even controlled by the business owners themselves. The former giants are likely to become yesterday’s yellow flowers, such as Nokia. Bill Gates said that Microsoft will always be only 18 months away from bankruptcy. It is by no means alarmist. This is the reality that is happening in many companies.

So, “under the cover of the nest, there is no end to the eggs” is the fate that those of us who work hard in the workplace can’t escape? no.

If we have the ability to choose a career and leave at any time, we will not be trembling and walking on thin ice in every job because of fear.

What is the ability to leave at any time?

What are the abilities that can guarantee you “you can leave at any time”? When it comes to “ability”, many people think that “a skill is good,” but it can’t be understood simply. Competence also includes pleasant personality, philosophy, quality, etc.

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leave at any time

Belief: You are working for yourself

Why did my successful junior dare to face tough in the management, because he never thought of leaving a way for himself? Unlike some professionals, he only works for his boss, and only looks at the boss’s face. He works for himself. His work is the realization of his personal values ​​and goals. This makes him no matter where he goes or what he does. They are full of passion and fighting spirit.

Values: Treat every job as the last job in your life and go all out

I meet many people like this in the workplace. They don’t like or are not sure whether they like their work. Some of them came to consult me. I could not judge them, but cite myself as an example.

Since I graduated from university and entered the workplace, I have been engaged in no less than five different jobs. Until now, I can’t clearly judge which one is my favorite. This is a fact because every job has its advantages and disadvantages. Good place. The only thing I do is that I treat every job as the last job in my life and go all out. This makes me full of satisfaction and desire to fight when I end each career and start another.

Core qualities: loyalty, reliability, tenacity, cooperation, passion

Those who succeed wherever they go have many similar qualities: such as loyalty, they are not only loyal to the company, they are also loyal to the team, loyal to the product, and loyal to the customer; such as reliability, no matter what task is assigned to them, they never use it. Worrying about being incomplete or not doing well;

for example, tenacity, no matter how many rivers you cross or how many mountains you climb, you have to reach; for example, cooperation, when one person is an army when a team is mobilized, it is like being with thousands of troops. Advance and retreat together; such as passion, everyone who has worked with them is deeply infected by their enthusiasm.

One Skill

Of course, you also need to have at least one skill that can “outsider the crowd”, either a high-end technology, or an innovative field, or a cutting-edge vision, or a unique management secret… in short, One or a few skills that you are generally ahead of others in the same field and are not out of date at the forefront of the times.

Judging from the current workplace reality, “one skill” is the most important of the ability to ensure that you can leave at any time because it brings the most direct and fastest benefits to the employer.

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