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What are some great programming projects for beginners? – Quora

Solution: Create a Chrome extension where you can highlight their email address and up pops their picture (by connecting to the Fullcontact API – where you send an email address and it sends back a profile picture)

I can see how many steps are in the current series of button presses.

I can see how many upvotes each story has.

Second, pick a domain – web, mobile or system. Web is easy to start. Mobile can mint you good money. Systems can land you a good paying job.

The best resource for getting started with building a chrome extension is my favorite book by Stephen Foote -Learning to Program

How to Create a Chrome Extension in 10 Minutes Flat

I am presented with a random series of button presses.

For query serving, you can do some basic stuff to scale up to few machines, just to get an idea how it works in practice.

What are some good beginner maker projects?

The first 4 hour evening hackathon forCodesmithstudents (8 days into the program) is to build a chrome extension. This cohort one group built an awesome integration to message with Slack from the browser, another a Hello Kitty extension that replaced all images in Facebook with Hello Kitty and hello-kittyfied the text

What are some great fitness programs for serious beginners?

I can add, subtract, multiply and divide two numbers.

If you would consider making a simple weather app, you would learn some more UI elements provided by the platform. Of course, the UI creation depends on how complex you want your weather app to be. I would suggest to refer Apples weather app. Its a very simple and clean weather app. Apart from UI, you will learn to make a server request and parse data coming from the server. For this, you can use any free API provided by the numerous sources to get the current weather data.

Good luck and let us know if you go for it!

Find something you do multiply times a week in your browser thats a pain and that you could automate or make easier

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Problem: Someone emails you and you dont recognize them from their email

I can click on a post to be taken to the storys original URL.

Last to last to week I was reading Harvard business review and realised that an unregistered user can view only 5 articles. And registration costs a lot. So I made a chrome extension which allows unlimited view of articles on Harvard business review and economist[dot]com without registration.

You will be surprised by how much you will learn. It is not a quick short-time project, count on 6-12 months of good engagement. I would suggest to go for over 1 billion pages in size as that is a scale where serious efforts start.

Are there books about programming projects for beginners?

But there are other free getting started with Chrome extensions guides too

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Last week I participated in Expedia hackathon. So we created all together a different web service. We got stuck when we had to send the data received by the user on our UI to Expedia registration page, which required us to checkout Expedia UI on last minute and we had no UI/UX expert on our team. So I made a chrome extension which could store the value as submitted by user on our custom web service UI and thereafter when the user navigates to Expedia[dot]com registration page the values got populated there using Chromes local storage.

each time I input a series of button presses correctly, I see the same series of button presses but with an additional step.

, Software Engineer. CTO at Codesmith

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What are some great programming projects for beginners?

. Dont think Google! Start small. Try creating a url spidering program first. Read a url, scrap all links, read all those urls and continue. Handle visited urls. Think Scalability. Think indexing. Use Python.

This is a great question and I suggest writing a search engine.

What are some cool small programming projects to do by yourself?

What are some cool small programming projects to do by yourself?

You will learn other UI elements which are used to show collection of data in lists. This app will also help you to understand the Date classes which I feel are one of the most important and complex classes overall to work with. Also, you get an idea to use database in your app because you would like to keep all the To-Dos in some persistent storage.

and you can have one ready! Or go my way and make one like

if I press the wrong button, I am notified that I have done so, and that series of button presses starts again to remind me of the pattern so I can try again.

So how to build something thats feasible and doesnt take forever?

First, stay off GitHub. Its more trouble than worth for a beginner.

What are the OS projects for beginners?

Are there any soldering projects for beginners?

You get to practice JavaScript without having to build and design an application from scratch – it just plugs into something you already use

You get distracted by Facebooks newsfeed but you cant stop opening Facebook

What are some of the best ways to learn programming?

I can play a game of Tic Tac Toe with the computer.

If you would like to begin with mobile application development, I have some suggestions for you. Being a mobile developer, whenever I explore a new platform, I concentrate on implementing following apps which gives me enough exploration of the platform.

It could be something as small as, every time the word JavaScript appears on a webpage, highlighting it blue…or something much more complex

I hear a sound that corresponds to each button both when the series of button presses plays, and when I personally press a button.

What are some beginner BigData projects?

Is C programming the best for beginners?

I can win the game by getting a series of 20 steps correct. I am notified of my victory, then the game starts over.

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I can play in strict mode where if I get a button press wrong, it notifies me that I have done so, and the game restarts at a new random series of button presses.

What are good programming projects for beginners in mainstream languages like C, C++, Java, or Python?

What are the OS projects for beginners?

(He builds a chrome extension that switches out all of your Facebook pictures for kittens)

My game will reset as soon as its over so I can play again.

I can keep chaining mathematical operations together until I hit the equal button, and the calculator will tell me the correct output.

What are some beginner design projects?

What are some beginner Numpy projects?

You get to learn Linux, APIs, C/C++ and so on. And the best part? You get to impress your interviewers!

As a user, I can choose whether I want to play as X or O.

You can build these single-page apps onCodePenorJS Bin. Theyll help you practice HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and you can even throw in AngularJS or React. Theyll also force you to get good at responsive design, JSON APIs, and leveraging your browsers local storage.

(UPDATE 2017: I put together (with the help of a few friends) a full tutorial for building a chrome extension that hides youtubes feed and videos so you dont get distracted -here)

Is C programming the best for beginners?

What are some good beginner projects?

How do I find a team with whom I could do any programming projects?

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These are little apps built in JavaScript that give you enormous power. Chrome extensions (these apps) allow you to add additional functionality to any page youre on.

Which is the best programming language to learn for hacking? What are some books for beginners?

If I want to restart, I can hit a button to do so, and the game will return to a single step.

Chrome extension that removes the Facebook newsfeed whenever you open Facebook (one existsKill News Feed…but may be you want it so it only removes news stories featuring 20 things you have to see)

Also, I consider implementing basic data structures like Stack, Queues, Linked List along with some advanced data structures like Trees in the platform specific language. I get to know more about the language here.

I can clear the input field with a clear button.

What are some of the best ways to learn programming?

. Pretty easy to code one that just serves HTML and other non-static files. It gets interesting with caching, server side scripting, streaming video and so on. You get to learn multi-threading.

You become a great programmer by programming through challenges orbuilding- but tutorials rarely give you this (evenNodeSchoolyoure notbuildingsomething)

I always find this as the most helpful starting point for learning the mobile platform. I hope you find it useful too. Happy coding! 🙂

You can take various shortcuts,e.g.use excellentCommon Crawldataset instead of doing all crawling yourself.

What are some good beginner projects?

I can browse recent posts from Camper News.

These 5 projects will give you a solid programming foundation.

Where can I find small programming projects?

What are some great projects in JavaScript?

Still have a question? Ask your own!

I can never actually win against the computer – at best I can tie.

This app will make you aware of the basic UI creation and the elements that the platform provides. Also, you learn to use arithmetic operators and some sort of Data Structure (Stacks for expression evaluation) through this app. You also learn about MVC concepts if you follow that design pattern in your app. No wonder Stanfords iOS programming course has Calculator as the first app as a reference for the students.

By the time you finish these projects, youll no longer be a beginner. Youll have the practice and the confidence you need to program much more ambitious projects.

The same goes for ranking. Core algorithms such as PageRank are well documented and quite doable individually on significant scale. Again, you will learn a lot by doing link analysis together with experimenting with all kind of heuristics which is essentially what modern search is.The Common Crawl is an excellent example. FWIW, I am not associated with CommonCrawl but have always been impressed by their efforts.

. You can do plenty of interesting stuff with it. Like an article generator. Input an article, and the system outputs an entirely different article. Or go with Machine Learning to improve it further. And the use for it? Just ask any SEO/SEM professional!

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What is the best laptop for a programmer? Why? How is Mac vs. PC for a programmer?

To getbuildingwith code rather than following tutorials, find a simple problem you face at least every few days and build a Chrome extension to fix it.

. Where you can run any binary without affecting your operating system. Malicious code or not. Just like an antivirus sandbox! Use chroots (or containers), white-listing system calls, resource limits and so on to start. You get to learn security.

While sitting in one of my technical review meeting, I was scrolling through linkedin profile of my Director and it was seriously too long. So I thought why not make a chrome extension which can display the experience in a time line manner. I literally coded it in like 3 hours(where max time was spent in learning Jquery), submitted it in a Hackathon. The extension was selected amongst top 10 submission and received an all expenses paid trip to Bangalore where I presented it.

Are there books about programming projects for beginners?

I would advise writing your own index as conceptually it is straightforward enough but you will learn a great deal from paying attention to level of details required.

What are good programming projects for beginners in mainstream languages like C, C++, Java, or Python?

What is the best laptop for a programmer? Why? How is Mac vs. PC for a programmer?

What programming projects are you up to?

The tempo of the game speeds up incrementally on the 5th, 9th and 13th step.

Quels sont les grands projets de programmation pour les dbutants?

For advanced exercise, after you finish and put it online, you can play with deep learning for which search is an excellent application. Another advanced topic is can readwhich is a great piece of work that was acquired by Google and never really deployed.

What are some great projects in JavaScript?

How do I find a team with whom I could do any programming projects?

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