What Is HackerRank And How Can It Change Your Life As A Developer?

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In addition to individual programming challenges, HackerRank also hosts contests often referred to by HackerRank as CodeSprints where users compete on the same programming challenges during a set period of time and are then ranked at the end of the event. Companies who have hosted or sponsored these CodeSprints include Addepar, Yahoo!, Quora, and Amazon so theyre a pretty big deal.

Developers can often be inundated with constant online programmes and concepts promising to make things easier or improve the quality of working life; butis seriously coming up trumps as the ultimate tool for those in the development world.

Here atUniting Ambition, we take on board the use of sites like HackerRank. It is a community of developers and skilled individuals, who are using their craft to network and challenge themselves in their spare time; which is something to be admired.

Combining social media with the euphoria of technology buzz, HackerRank is a company that focuses on competitive programming challenges for both consumers and businesses. It also has an online community of over one million computer programmers, so it can even be used as a vast networking technique. HackerRanks programming challenges can be solved in a variety of programming languages such as; Java, C++, PHP, Python and SQL which have the ability to span multiple computer science domains.

Exceptional Talent To Grow Your Business

Whilst HackerRank shouldnt be the be-all-and-end-all when administering the delivery of new talent for your business, it can give you a good push in the right direction, especially as its a worldwide domain used by millions of diverse users.

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But the HackerRank empire doesnt end with this.

As well as giving developers further opportunities to stand out within the current candidate pool; HackerRank also has endless beneficial advantages for hirers, companies and businesses looking for new talent.

HackerRank is seen as a market leader in the growing gamification trend within competitive computer programming, and the consumer side of their website is completely free for coders to use.

With a string of good reviews on its guest forums, HackerRank is promising to be the social hub of the developing world. With some even admitting that they are addicted to the gaming side of the website, its safe to assume that businesses, clients and candidates alike can get something useful from it.

Now, you have to compete with the masses. Job roles are more often than not pretty exclusive, and only the cream of the crop can maintain their success in the industry. This means that as a developer, you should always be on the lookout for new ways to make a good impression.

HackerRank is introducing an entirely new way to interview candidates, test potential employees and let developers compete with each other in an innovative way. By sending these challenges and tests to candidates or those interested in a role your business is recruiting for, you can see if theyre really worth their salt. In short, HackerRank can assist companies in drawing the line between the best developers, and the not-so-great ones.

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Technical recruiters then use those programming challenges to test candidates on their specific programming skills and better understand their qualification for a certain role. Candidates challenges, once submitted, are auto-scored and the results are then provided to the technical recruiter for review.

The HackerRank team is on a mission of another kind to flatten the world by restructuring the DNA of every company on the planet. So, by ranking programmers based on their coding skills, it can assist and support companies in sourcing and delivering great programmers; reducing screening processes and the time to hire. As a result, HackerRank are revolutionising the way companies discover and evaluate talented engineers, programmers and developers.

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With the continuous growth and rise of technology in the majority of workplaces, HackerRank could be the difference between a job rejection and a job offer. The way that companies hire, screen, interview and source potential candidate is something that is constantly changing; and careers in technology and IT are becoming more competitive. Therefore, newfound methods and systems to keep on top of the game are becoming more common and more varied. It isnt just new languages or software tools that developers have to become accustomed to now; because theres much more to a tech career than knowing the difference between Java and JavaScript.

Their enterprise-side product,HackerRank for Work, is a subscription service that aims to help companies source, screen, and hire engineers and other technical roles. The HackerRank for Work platform gives businesses the option to leverage a built-in library of programming challenges or write their own so as to tailor that programming challenge directly to a companys open position.

But what are the online programming challenges for?

On the consumer side, when a programmer submits a solution to a programming challenge, their submission is scored on the accuracy of their output and the execution time of their solution. Programmers are then ranked globally on the HackerRank leader board and earn badges based on their accomplishments to drive competition among users.

You can even earn money from HackerRank, by creating custom contests, writing your own original content and innovating your own challenges to become a paid contributor.

Its essentially paving the way for developers, programmers and anyone with a keen interest in coding to come together and co-operate by using their skills; which isnt something thats been done elsewhere on this level up to now. Not only that, but its created an online platform for those within the technology industry to discuss problems, learn from one another and gain an advantage in the jobseeker market.

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